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Who is the most famous scientist to develop the theory of evolution?

The theory of evolution by natural selection. Charles Darwin. A+

How does a scientific theory develop?

how does a scientific theory develop??

What was the last scientific theory to challenge the theory of evolution?

No scientific theory ever challenged the theory of evolution.

Evolution and who is famously associated with it?

Evolution is most famously associated with Charles Darwin. He is credited as the first to develop a scientific argument for the theory of evolution through natural selection.

Why is evolution a theory?

The Theory of Evolution is a scientific theory. A scientific theory is effectively a theorem, which is what the layman would call a theory (complicated, I know), which has been rigorously tested and is believed to be true.

Is evolution a science?

Evolution is a scientific theory, it in itself is not a science.

Is the theory of evolution a scientific law?

No, it is a scientific theory, composed of facts, laws and hypotheses.

What is the movement that held to the theory of evolution?

The scientific movement accepts the Theory of Evolution. The Theory is the basis for the science of biology.

What is the theory of how species evolve on earth?

The scientific theory is evolution.

What scientific theory was the subject of the Scopes Trial?

theory of evolution

How did Darwin develop his theory of evolution?

the beagle

Complete history of a theory of evolution?

There are many books that describe the theory of evolution. For example, there is a book called Evolution: The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory.

A sentence with the word scientific theory?

A scientific theory is a model that withstands testing, like evolution.

Is there a credible scientific theory that opposes evolution?


Is human evolution a scientific theory?

Yes it is

Who stated the theory of evolution?

The Theory of Evolution is a misnomer. Evolution is a fact. There are many theories of how occurs. The most famous and probably best known is the theory of evolution through natural selection proposed by Darwin and Russell. The theory of evolution was stated by Jean Baptiste Lamarck in the year 1801. Lamarck was inspired by the careful observation of fossils of the animals that he studied and he created a revolutionary theory of evolution that changed the scientific world.

Did Einstein develop the theory of evolution?

no Charles Darwin was the first scientist to develop the theory of evolution. Einstein was a math teacher. and was first put into 'special' classes

Is evolution theory a science?

i dont think its a science its a scientific theory

What was Darwins greatest contribution to evolutionary theory?

The development of the scientific theory of Evolution itself. He was the first scientist to develop that idea and publish a paper about it (titled "On the Origin of Species") in 1859.

What did Darwin develop by observing birds?

the theory of evolution

What Darwin was famous for?

He is famous for his theory of man's evolution.

How many scientific alternatives are there to Darwin's theory of evolution?

Darwin's theory is 157 years old and really is not Darwin's anymore. Regardless, there is no scientific alternative to the theory of evolution by natural selection, though there have been modifications since that time. Is there a scientific alternative to germ theory, the theory of gravity and atomic theory? These " questions " about the " alternatives " to the theory of evolution are very ill posed.

What is your theory on evolution?

I accept the modern theory of evolution by natural selection. You can not just on a whim put forth a scientific theory. I suggest you access a good dictionary. The scientific meaning of " theory " is generally the primary meaning.

Who develop a theory of evolution?

The developers of the theory of evolution by natural selection were Charles Robert Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.

What is evolution categorized as?

As a biological phenomenon and a scientific theory.

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