Farmaco che si oppone agli effetti degli stupefacenti?

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Medicine (drug) that opposes to the effects of drugs ?
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Who is che guevara?

Che Guevara was a revolutionary born in Argentina that was a commander in the Cuban Revolution. He was executed in Bolivia during the revolution there.

Who was Che Guevara?

One of the leading figures in the Cuban revolution and an icon for youth across the world in the 1960s.Many students/teenagers had a poster of Che on their bedroom wall because he seemed like a romantic, cultural hero although he was a murderer. And also, it was La C.I.A. who killed him by an Amer ( Full Answer )

What does Italian a ok scusami non lo sapevo che nn parli bene l italiano di dove sei were are tou from disegno degli oggetti per fare pratica con dei pennarelli pennarelli partcicolari un bacio mean?

ok scusamy non lo sapevo che non parli bene l'italiano ok sorry i dint kno that u dint speak Italian to well di dove sei = where are you from disengo degli oggetti per fare pratica con dei pennarelli i draw items for practise with brushes/pens pennarelli particalari un bacio particular brushes/pens ( Full Answer )

What is SI?

I think It means the universal system of units. SI is the abbreviation for the International System of Units, also known as the metric system.

Are you agly?

if you want to know if you are agly look in the mirror and if it breaks your agly but if it dosen't than your either cute pretty or your mirror just dosen't break

What is 'che' in English?

What is the English equivalent of 'che' in its use as an interrogative pronoun in questions. Who , which , that are equivalents of 'che' in its use as a relative pronoun that connects a description or event with the person so affected. Either way, it's pronounced 'kay'.

What did che guavara do?

He was taking action in the revolution in Cuba in the late 1950´s with the communists.

What is opponents?

players on the other team you are trying to win aganst in a game like soccer...

What is a synonym for opponent?

foe, enemy, nemesis, opposer detractor (of an idea or a cause) In the sense of another person who plays a game, "playmate" or "other player" could also be synonyms.

What were the opponents of the patricians?

the patricians were just roman citizens. anyone who was an enemy of rome was an enemy of the patricians. Although the above answer is true, the ancient patrician families in Rome also faced, during the Republican period, staunch opposition from plebeian families. Gradually, their political and rel ( Full Answer )

What is the English translation of the Italian phrase 'Spero che possiamo parlare di nuovo del giorno Forse essere degli amici Ciao Bella'?

" I hope that we can speak again during the day. Perhaps be friends. 'Bye, Beautiful !" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Spero che possiamo parlare di nuovo del giorno. Forse essere degli amici. Ciao, Bella ! Specifically, the verb spero is "(I) am hoping, do hope, hope". The ( Full Answer )

Who was Hitler's opponent?

He had many opponents. At the begging of the war Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister of Great Britain. Although Hitler's opponent is most commonly known to be Winston Churchill who was Prime Minister after Chamberlain.

What is the Italian 'ciliegio degli uccelli' in English?

"Wild cherry tree" is the common English equivalent, and "Cherry tree of the birds" is a literal English equivalent, of " ciliegio degli uccelli " ( Prunus avium ). The Italian word " ciliegio " is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article is " il " ("the"), and its singular indefinite ( Full Answer )

How do you pronouce che?

If you mean the nickname of the Cuban revolutionary Guevara, we English speakers pronounce it CHAY. In Guevara's native Spanish it would sound similar, but without the glide towards "ee" at the end; more like CHEH. On the other hand, if you mean the Italian interrogative for "what," it sounds like ( Full Answer )

What is the English translation of the Italian phrase 'Che cosa si fa'?

" What is being done ?" is just one of many English equivalents of the Italian phrase Che cosa si fa ? Specifically, the conjunction che is "what". The feminine noun cosa means "thing". The reflexive pronoun si means "her/him/it/one-self". The verb fa translates as "(he/it/one/she) does/m ( Full Answer )

Why was Che Guevara called Che?

"Che" is a form of colloquial slang native to Argentina used in a vocative sense as "friend", and thus loosely corresponds to expressions such as "mate", "pal", "man", "bro", or "dude"; as used by various English speakers. The term became a staple when Ernesto "Che" Guevara (an Argentinian) rose to ( Full Answer )

What is 'degli' when translated from Italian to English?

"Of the" is an English equivalent of the Italian word degli . The word represents a combination of the preposition di ("of") with the masculine plural definite article gli ("the"). The pronunciation will be "DEY-lyee" in Italian.

Where and how che was che captured?

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara was in Bolivia trying to start a Latin American Revolution. However, the peasants, upon who he counted to support him, were not overtly revolutionary, and the Bolivian Army was being supported by the CIA. Che and his companions were on the run, after several of them had already ( Full Answer )

What is the English translation of the Italian word 'degli'?

" Of the " and " some " are just two English equivalents of the Italian word degli . . Specifically, the Italian word can function as a sentence's preposition when the preposition di ("of") and the masculine plural definite article gli ("the") combine. It also can serve as a sentence's partiti ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Itaker - Vietato agli italiani - 2012?

The cast of Itaker - Vietato agli italiani - 2012 includes: Umit Akdal as Davut Eva Allenbach as Jutta Monica Birladeanu as Doina Nicola Nocella as Goffredo Spallicci Vincenzo Peluso as Carmine Francesco Scianna as Benito Stigliano Tiziano Talarico as Pietro Zanon Erminio Truncellito as Liborio

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The cast of Una notte agli studios - 2013 includes: Gianluca Fubelli as Vari Gianluca Impastato as Vari Claudio Insegno as Giorgio Pino Insegno as Padre Marras Beppe Iodice as Angelo Michele La Ginestra as Nardulli Daniel McVicar as Mr. Frame Marco Messeri as Nestor Sandra Milo as Venditrice Frances ( Full Answer )

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The cast of Effetti speciali - 1978 includes: Laura Betti Shirley Corrigan Graziano Giusti Angela Goodwin as Governess Jacques Herlin as Max Olga Karlatos as Marta Renato Moretti Mark Morganti Aldo Reggiani as Luca Aldo Salvi John Steiner Pamela Villoresi

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The cast of Con la rabbia agli occhi - 1976 includes: Martin Balsam as Commissario Loris Bazzocchi as Pasquale Gennaro Beneduce as Man at Police Station Luigi Bonos as Peppiniello Salvatore Borghese as Vincent Barbara Bouchet as Anny Yul Brynner as Peter Marciani Paul Costello as Desk Clerk Domenico ( Full Answer )