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city government. industrialists. immigrants.

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Q: Farmers did not like high tariffs and railroad monopolies because they seemed to support what?
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Why were farmers and settlers likely to support the war in 1812?

Farmers and settlers were likely to support the War of 1812 because they wanted the freeland that was promised and the farmers' right for trading was at stake so they agreed to the war.

Why did farmers support Bacon's Rebellion?

Because they read their textbooks in school.

Why did farmers support the populist party?

Farmers supported the Populist Party because they were facing economic hardships due to falling crop prices, high railroad shipping costs, and limited access to credit. The Populists promised to address these issues by advocating for reforms such as bimetallism, government regulation of railroads, and expansion of the money supply.

Why did Plains farmers in late 1800's support bimetallism?

because they were worth 2-4 million, which was enought for the farmers to buy.

McKinley defeated Bryan in 1896 primarily because he was able to win the support of?

The Farmers

Why did the populist party support?

because the farmers wanted to end the gold rush and so within supporting the populist party their was more support to override the government and stop the farmers from having to pay so much.

Who did the federalists support?


Why did people support the move to Jamestown?

because they wanted more people to move to Jamestown because they needed farmers and other workers

In the election of 1828 who provided support for the Andrew Jacksons election?

because he was a common man that's what voters thought ?

What happened nationally because of the 1877 railroad strike?

Other workers went on strike in support.

Why did the government support the construction of the Transcontinental railroad?

Troop movement

What did Andrew Jackson receive the most support from in the 1824 election?

Andrew Jackson received the most support from Southern Farmers in the 1824 election.