Fat lot of good it will do her. what means exactly?

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It won't do her any good.
It won't end well.
As in " fat lot of good it will do her ! My husband wouldn't leave me for her! "
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You are not eating a lot but you are growing fat why?

Answer . 2 possible answers. 1-your metabolism isn't very good which means u do not digest very fast. OR. 2- You do not excersise at all to break down all the calories u consume from foods (1000 calories=1 pound excersise+1000 calories may=0 calories.

Why is fat good for you?

It's important because it provides your body with nutrients your body needs...moderately! But without enough fat in your body you can't support a healthy baby and plus if you're an athlete you burn it off and you need it there to burn.

What are the good fats?

These are mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fatty acids. Examples: fats from nuts, seeds, seeweed, vegetables oils, etc.

What are good fats and bad fats?

Good fats are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, as opposed to saturated fats. Likewise, "good" lipoprotein is HDL and "bad" lipoprotein is LDL. An example of a "good" (heart-healthy) fat would be olive oil. An example of a "bad" (artery-clogging) fat would be margarine.

What should you do for a hamster that is fat and sleeping a lot?

um well it might be pregant to find out for ure you may see its belly moving and that would be the hamster babies. also if u touch its belly and it gets mad that means its deffiently pregnant. unless its a boy then i dont know

Can hamsters exercise a lot and not get fat?

It depends how you define 'fat', compared to rats or gerbils, hamsters have chunky and compact bodies, it is simply how they are built. All hamsters love to run around and "work out", but no matter how many hours you let them run around in their exercise balls, they will still retain that natural, h ( Full Answer )

What does a lot mean?

Very many, a large number; also, very much. For example, A lotof people think the economy is declining , or Sad movies alwaysmade her cry a lot . It is sometimes put as a whole lot forgreater emphasis, as in I learned a whole lot in his class . It mayalso emphasize a comparative indication ( Full Answer )

What does exactly mean?

"Exactly" as a rejoinder means "correct", as a modifier it means "to a high degree of certainty". ("Yes, exactly." "He knew exactly what to do." ). Exactly in mathematics refers to absolute answers, the opposite of approximately. For example, 2.5 + 3.6 is approximately 6, but "exactly" 6.1 (to the ( Full Answer )

Why do fat people eat a lot?

some ppl eat alot becuz they are deprested or have a larger stomach linen. some ppl eat to be full and others just like to eat.or even cuz if ppl are hungry an just eat foe the hell of it really....

Why fats are good for you?

Fats a good for u because it give u energy but not all fats are good for u

What are good workouts to get rid of lots of stomach fat?

hi! i recently wondered this myself as i am 17 and not as fit as i was , just doing sit-ups isn't enough, as this only causes the muscles to thicken through gentle tearing of the muscle, toning exercises and aerobic exercises are good and plenty of swimming is also good, the main thing would be to t ( Full Answer )

How can you quickly lose a lot of belly fat?

By having liposuction, that's the only way that will let you target where to lose fat. With a diet, any diet, you will lose a little at a time all over.

Are fats good?

yes they are. they are essential in animals since fats are sources of energy. too much fat is dangerous and we all know why

Is fat is not good?

No, praise for fat! The diet companies say it's bad but you need it to survive. It's insulation, an extra food supply for your body, between meals, and for good appearance.

I recently confronted my girlfriend about a guy she has been talking a lot with. She referred to him as her gay shopping friend. What exactly does this mean and should i be worried?

"Gay shopping friend" means a friend who is gay who she goes shopping with. If he really is gay then obviously, he doesn't pose any threat to your relationship with her. But shouldn't it be ok for your girlfriend to have male friends even if they aren't gay? It might make you feel jealous, but don't ( Full Answer )

What is good about fat?

There's nothing good about saturated fats. But unsaturated fats like veggies, are good for you.

How can you lose a lot of fat for Christmas?

There's more than enough time to lose at least 10 pounds by Christmas considering you have 2 months and a half till then. A few tips for that would be: 1. Try eating less portions. A good trick for this would be a smaller plate. That's what I always do when I want to lose weight. Avoid eating des ( Full Answer )

Is fat good?

Some amount of fat is absolutely vital for your health. Like most things, keep in moderation, nothing in excess.

What foods have a lot of fat?

Red meat, pork, dark poultry meat, cheese, cream, whole milk, butter, pastries and cakes, nuts, mayonnaise, salad dressing, and other foods made with a lot of vegetable oil, butter, or cream (like alfredo sauce or New England clam chowder).

Will eating a lot of cheese make you fat?

There are plenty of theories regarding weight loss and weight control. There's Glycemic Index, there's LCHF just to mention a few. But when it comes to controlling your body weight, the biggest thing is your energy (= calorie) balance. If what you eat and drink during the day has more energy/calor ( Full Answer )

How do you gain a lot of belly fat?

Eating lots of fats and calories and not doing exercise. If you really don't care about your health the quickest way is probably drinking vegetable oil and eating butter

Is 2g of saturated fat a lot?

No!! Lol 2g is very little but I would not contine to eat foods that have over 2g of fat on a everyday diet

What the meaning of FAT?

If you mean in computing terms - File Allocation Table. It's the area on a disk where information about the files stored on that disk is stored.

What does it mean when you eat a lot but you don't get fat?

This usually isn't the case for most people, however, if you do not get fat after consuming a lot of food, then you have a very fast metabolism. Don't fret because this is a good thing. This means that you're body will break down the food that you consume quickly, and use it up as energy before it c ( Full Answer )

Is 48 grams of fat a lot of fat?

Of course! 48 grams is a load of booty. You should eat less fat foods like Broccoli and celary! 48 grams of fat is like eating butter.

When a lot of bad things happen does that mean something good is in store?

It depends. If you are a cyclical spirit it means that most likely something good will happen. Look back at your life broken up in 4 year increments. Do you notice a climax of events at every 4 year period? If so is the climax usually a good set of events or bad set of events? If good, then it means ( Full Answer )

Does frozen yogurt have a lot of fat?

Most brands have less than ice cream. Check the package. Most frozen yogurts start with low fat yogurt so they are relatively low in fat.

Where exactly can you find a good agent?

The best source is a referral from family or friends that youtrust. There are more honest agents than deceptive ones, but becareful and protect yourself. You may also consider referrals fromyour attorney, accountant or other trusted professional. Product benefits and features vary little from compa ( Full Answer )

What exactly is a carb diet good for?

Having a diet that is low in carbs has many benefits. It can help lower your weight, your blood pressure, and your blood glucose level. It can also help you increase your 'good' cholesterol .

What exactly are dishwashers really good for?

Dishwashers have several pros to them. They are convenient, easy to use, and clean dishes exceptionally well with the press of a button. There is hardly any work involved and you receive excellent results.

What exactly is an HP computer good for?

HP computer is good for office document processing, online gaming, surfing the web, as well as streaming high quality videos, just to name a few functions.

Is Superman fat or does he have a lot of muscle?

yes superman has a lot of muscle but he must have some some fat every human does wait 57 a seconds he is not a human what a fail on my part whoever fell for that is stupid.

Is there a lot of fat in red wine?

There is no fat in red wine, white wine, beer or liquor (distilled spirits such as whiskey, vodka, rum, tequila, etc).

Why come when i eat a lot i don't get fat?

Some people are different and have something in their body that is different then some people and sometimes you just don't get fat like other people.

What does IT exactly mean?

IT stands for Information Technology. It is the application of telecommunications equiptment and computers to retrieve, store, manipulate and transmit data.

Does fat have a lot of calories?

Fat is extremely calorie-dense, with nine calories per gram, as opposed to just four calories per gram for carbohydrates and protein. It is very easy to eat more calories than you need on a fat-rich diet, even if you are consuming "healthy" fats.

What exactly are bike computers good for?

A bike computer is usually a GPS system. This is a satelite navigations system which will allow you to know where you are. It is possible to download maps in to them and this will allow you to know where you are going. here are also more advanced computers for sporting cyclists which may include an ( Full Answer )

What exactly is a good compliment?

A good compliment tends to have the following characteristics: 1. It is based on something the person actuallyaccomplished. It is not a compliment when you give credit tothe wrong person. Praising things the person has no control over isnot really a compliment. There is nothing wrong with praisin ( Full Answer )

What is meaning of a lot?

A lot means: Very many, a large number -- We have a lot of cats at our house very much, -- She likes him a lot.