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Microsoft office word

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2010-10-22 18:33:49
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Q: Features of full-featured word processor
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How many features are on a word processor?


How do you get headers and footers on a Word pad document?

WordPad does not have headers and footers. WordPad is not a full word processor so it lacks some features that you will find in a word processor.

Can you give a sentence using the word text features?

You could use it when talking about word processing: Special text features in a word processor include the ability to use italics and change sizes of the text.

What are the features of Intel 8088?

features of Intel processor 8088

What are the disadvantages of word processor over typewriter?

fact Uses the inbuilt computer aspect More formatting features

What kind of word processor is MS Word?

It is a What You See Is What You Get word processor, often shortened to a WYSIWYG word processor.

Is Microsoft word and word processor are different?

NO, MS Word is word processor.

What is meant by word processing?

Word Processing is the act of organizing words into a recognizable structure. A word processor is a piece of software like Microsoft Office Word, Libre Office Write, and Serif PagePlus. A word processor just allows you to write freely, or to "Process Words", thus the name Word Processor. A word processing program turns your computer into a typewriter, with loads of extra features.

Is Notepad a feature of Word?

No it isn't. It is a separate piece of software. Notepad is a text editor, while Word is a word processor. So Word has far more features than Notepad has.

Is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word?

Yes. Microsoft Word is a word processor.

What are the importance of word processor?

the importance of word processor is immense

In class you use a word processor and typewriter?

word processor

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