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The new car is hers.

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What does cette mean in French?

cette means 'that / this'. It is a feminine demonstrative pronoun. cette voiture > that car, this car

Is il feminine in French?

"il" is a masculine pronoun, standing for "he". The feminine pronoun (for "she") is "elle".

What is a feminine pronoun?

Feminine pronouns Examples : her, she. She was going to the park with her.

Why is the pronoun it rarely used in the spanish language?

The vast majority of Spanish nouns are masculine or feminine. The masculine pronoun or feminine pronoun would be used to refer to their respective noun.

What part of speech is the word 'her'?

Third person personal pronoun, feminine, accusative

What is a neutral pronoun?

A neutral pronoun does not show gender. In English, "it" is neutral. "He" is masculine and "she" is feminine.

What is masculine and feminine nouns in France?

The masculine pronoun in French is "il," the feminine is "elle."

What part of speech is herself?

"Herself" is a reflexive pronoun for the third person singular feminine personal pronoun.

Is the word car a indefinite pronoun?

No, the word 'car' is a noun, not a pronoun. The word car is a word for a thing.

What form of speech is she?

Pronoun. Feminine, third person singular.

What is halal you in Hebrew?

'halal you' is not a grammatical phrase.Halal (muslim kashrut) = chalal (חלאל)You (masculine singular subject pronoun) = atah (אתה)You (feminine singular subject pronoun) = at (את)You (masculine plural subject pronoun) = atem (אתם)You (feminine plural subject pronoun) = aten (אתן)

Is song masculine or feminine in french?

The word "song" is considered as a feminine noun in French. It uses the pronoun "la".

How does one say 'it' in french?

"It" as a subject pronoun can be said as il or elle. Il is masculine. Elle is feminine. "they" as a subject pronoun can be said as ils or elles. Ils is masculine and Elles is feminine.

Is car masculine or feminine in french?


What is the pronoun for car?


What is the relationship between antecedent and a pronoun?

The relationship between a pronoun and its antecedent is that a pronoun must agree with the antecedent in number (singular or plural) and gender (masculine, feminine, or neuter).

What is the demonstrative pronoun in Which of these is the car that you were hoping to buy?

The demonstratve pronoun is "these".

Would this be a pronoun?

I assume you mean the word "this". This can be either a demonstrative adjective or a demonstrative pronoun. In this sentence "this" is an adjective: "This car is mine." In this sentence "this" is a pronoun: "This is my car."

Is which appropriate pronoun?

The pronoun 'which' is an interrogative pronoun and a relative pronoun.The appropriate use of the interrogative pronoun 'which' is to introduce a question:Which model car are you considering?The appropriate use of the relative pronoun 'which' is to introduce a relative clause:The car which my father drives is a very good model.

How do you say the corresponding subject pronoun oh 1 female?

If I understand you correctly, the answer is 'she'. That is the 3rd person singular feminine subject pronoun.

What is the relative pronoun in this sentence James is the one who left the keys in the car?

The relative pronoun in the sentence is 'who', which introduces the relative clause 'who left the keys in the car'. The word 'one' is also a pronoun, an indefinite pronoun.

What does ma mean in French?

"ma" is the feminine possessive pronoun for "my". The masculine is "mon".

What is the examples of feminine pronoun?

The gender specific pronouns for a female are she, her, hers, herself.

How do you fix the sentence '' even though the car backed in the wall it was not damaged '' into a vague pronoun?

A vague pronoun is a pronoun that lacks a clear antecedent.In the sentence, "Even though the car backed in the wall it was not damaged.", it's not clear which noun the pronoun 'it' represents. The car was not damaged or the wall was not damaged. The pronoun 'it' is the vague pronoun.The sentence must be revised to show which noun the pronoun 'it' replaces. Examples:The car was not damaged even though it backed into the wall.The wall was not damaged even though the car backed into it.

What is the pronoun for the Spanish phrase 'Luisa y Marisela'?

Ellas is the pronoun for the Spanish phrase Luisa y Marisela. The feminine phrase translates literally as "Louisa and Marisela" so the pronoun would be "they" in the feminine. The pronunciation will be "LWEE-sa ee MA-ree-SEY-la" for the proper names and "ESH-shas" for the pronoun in Uruguayan Spanish.