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The price of fender Guitars depends on were they are manufactured. Squire guitars that are made by fender may cost anywhere from 99-250 dollars. A fender Standard strat starts at about $400 and go up itf you get a beter model. American made fenders such as the stratocaster start at about $1000 and go up from there.

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Depends on what condition, but mint, you could get $10,000 for it. Check eBay prices to get more of an idea on what guitars like that are worth.

Prices on a Fender Cyclone depend on the retailer/business that the guitar is purchased from. Standard prices for a Fender Cyclone fluctuate between five hundred and six hundred dollars.

If you mean the definition it means a beginners guitar. Some great entry leval axe's are... Fender strats I'm not a massive fender fan but they are professional instruments and most of the pros you see have used them at least once. Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, David Gilmour and millions more. Ibanez Possibly the heaviest guitars there are. More in a metal direction and great quality for low prices. Epiphone Epiphone remakes Gibson (VERY EXPENSIVE BUT POSSIBLY THE BEST) guitars for lower prices but of course the quality is taken down a notch. I play an epihone right now! Great guitars for the money. What most people do (myself included) is get a Squier Strat (copys of Fender Strats). These are bad guitars. Even worse are the really cheap guitars you see in catologs that are not focused on music at all. DONT GET ONE!!! You will play better on a good guitar. If you feel serious about playing, spend the extra money and be rewarded. Go to a music store and try out what sounds good to you.

I've seen them range anywhere from $100 - $350 depending on where your buying or what condition it's in if your selling. I found the website below very helpful to find good prices for guitars.

Some brands known for high quality acoustic guitars include Fender, Gibson, Ibanes, and Martin. Prices can vary widely even among top brands' offerings.

Amazon has AMAZING prices on low-end electric guitars. If you are looking for a Gibson Les Paul, that is a whole different story. Gibson DOES offer beginners guitars on Amazon all of the time for a very reasonable price range.

See the related link below. They pull in guitars from all the major sites and you can compare their offerings, prices, and buy.

Fender bulletstrat at guitar center. About $50-$100.

Best buy and best place is Music World there are varieties of guitars, AAscoutic guitars, Bass guitars, Ukeleles etc. and so forth at reasonable retail prices where it will not damage your pockets

12,000-30,000.....yeah i kno i want one to but not after i seen the prices!

Ibanez is a company that is known for making cheapish but reliable shortscale electric guitars. As of July 2013, prices for their guitars range between $170 and $250 depending on the model.

they use mostly Gibson SG guitars or Gibson Les Pauls mostly anything Gibson or you can go cheaper and go Epiphone which makes the same guitars just cheaper prices and they play good for the price payed for them

Some of the places to purchase a Schecter guitar are the following websites: Nextag, price machine, and schecter guitars. They have a variety of styles, colours and prices available.

You can buy a very good quality body for a Fender Telecaster guitar on the Fender website. They sell authentic hardware for the Telecaster guitar's at reasonable prices.

Gibson bass guitars are available for purchase on the Internet, both used and new, from various retailers. There are some great prices available and you will be sure to find virtually any model.

if you want to try it go to a guitar store than buy it online that way you dont pay for a middle man as musicans friend will beat the prices of any store.

The prices for a Fender Standard Stratocaster guitar varies between round about 450 EUR and 680 EUR. Of course the price additionally depends on the number of accessories included in the offer.

It depend on what type of guitar because there are some guitar that are very cheap but there are also others that are excellent guitars which are expensive. Also there are electric guitars and they are expensive. ---- I've seen very cheap folk guitars in Australia for about $25 - $30. That's about the price of 8 Big Macs. Good quality guitars can cost $300 or $400. (OK, I really don't know much about guitar prices!)

The price of a good electric guitar has, for the most part, gone down slowly but steadily since their first mass production days. The Fender Stratocaster was introduced in 1954, and listed for $239.95. In 2011 dollars that's exactly $2,000. You can but a new Fender Strat today for about $800. In 1966, the Gretsch Country Gentleman sold for $600. In 2011 money, that was $4075. Today, it's Asian-made (but excellent) counterpart sells for about $2,200.

There are many basses that vary in prices due to the brand, condition, and retailer. An average price for a beginning bass guitar is $150, and an average price for an intermediate bass guitar is $300.

There are Gibson guitars for sale in the Nebraska area! They have a few different choices of acoustic guitars all at a different range of prices. Here is one of the sites to check. Here is one more for you to look at and see what you have to pick from.

There are a handful of Vendors over at that sell those and their prices are pretty even!

Guitar Hero guitars can be sold on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Companies like Gamestop also often buy old used accessory for low prices. Flee markets are also a way to sell them.

For only Beginning the bass only spend around £50 - £90 and then as you progress go onto the big boys

well i would mostly go to craiglist or walmart for cheap prices. also i would go to so that's why i would go there.