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Q: File size of a typed paragraph?
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How do you know how many words you have typed in Microsoft word?

highlight the paragraph then go to tools and press 'word count'

How do you calculate 35 words in a typed paragraph?

Highlight the text. Click word count on the MS Word toolbar.

If you typed a story and how do you send it to your email?

Find the file in word and attach in email.

Should the numbers 1 through 9 be written out?

Be consistent. If writing in paragraph form, if one is typed, then type twelve. Or, 1 and 12.

How can check accuracy between image file and typed word file?

That only i dont know i u know tell me any one cannot be done this

NOTE PAD How do you save what you've typed?

there are two options.A:go to file and click on save.B:go to file and click on save as...that will help you when your finding your folder the next time.

What does describe the impact file size and file format will have on saving sequences mean?

impact file size and file format will have on saving sequences

How do you increase size of pst file in outlook?

How to Increase Outlook PST File Size

How do you know how many bytes are in an audiobook?

You can determine the file size of an audiobook by checking the properties of the file on your computer or device. The file size will be displayed in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes depending on the size of the file.

What is the meaning of Web ad size initial and polite?

Max Initial File Size, Max Polite File Size

How does the file size change if the total number of pixels of an image is doubled?

The file size doubles.

What is the default file name of word?

The default file name is usually the first paragraph/line to suggest one. For example if your name was in the top of the document that would be your document file.