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If you fill the bottom of a boat with Styrofoam can anything go wrong with the boat?

Yes, something could still go wrong. The styrofoam would make for a great flotation device though. People put floatation foam in boats to provide buoyancy even if water gets in, but you want it as high as possible, just like you want weight as low as possible (in the keel). If you ran aground and ( Full Answer )

Why do some women go after married men or men who are in serious committed relationships?

Opinions: They wish to test the fidelity of men and at the same time avoid a serious relationship. Because a lot of nice men are already in committed relationships. It is low self esteem, the lowest. It gives them a false sense of value to take a man they can not have. They do not care about ( Full Answer )

Why do married men go after other women?

Answer . There are many reasons:. Problems in the marriage and he doesn't know how to deal with it. . Lack of communication in the marriage. . The wife is seldom around. . He's egotistical and feels he deserves better. . He simply likes women. . He is immature and doesn't like responsibilit ( Full Answer )

Women that go for married men?

Answer . Women that go for married men are moochers and many are after the money if the man is older. No matter if a woman really loves a man and later finds out he's married the code and respect is you simply don't go after other wive's husbands. I've never dated a married man in my life. Howeve ( Full Answer )

Will gay men and women go to hell?

Hell and Homosexuals . Before trying to figure out if homosexuals go to hell, we first need to understand Biblical translation and the Greek language. . Biblical Translation and Greek 101 . The New Testament is mostly written in Koine Greek, which was the common form of Greek. In Greek, as w ( Full Answer )

Why does your monitor go blank?

Answer . There are many reasons a monitor can go blank or black. If the monitor comes back on when you press a key the most likely thing is your monitor is going into a "power save" mode. In windows you can set your monitor to go off after a period of time. To check or set the period of time open ( Full Answer )

Where did Mae jemison go to schol?

Mae Jemison went to Morgan Park High School in Chicago, Illinois. Then, at the age of 16, she went to Stanford University and graduated with a bachlers degree in chemical engineering and in Afro-American Studies. They were both achieved in 1977. In 1981 she graduated from Cornell University's medica ( Full Answer )

Why did Mae Jemison go into space?

yeah she liked space but that does'nt answer the question WHEN did she go in space. not september 12 1992. thats when she was born!

Why do men go bald more often than women?

It's the male hormone testosterone that does that and since women don't have that much of it men goes bald and women don't. The less hair you've got the more testosterone you have in your body. Bald men usually have higher levels of testosterone than in women. Women have very low levels of testoster ( Full Answer )

Why do men who by heart who are really racist go out with women of color?

This answer may differ from person to person. I have always suspected that he wants to have more power over someone, so he chooses someone with traditionally less power than a white woman. Another possibility is that he truly doesn't realize he is racist in the paternalistic attitude of 'willingn ( Full Answer )

Why do men who go out with women of color is it a need to abuse them spiritually?

People tend to date people they are attracted to. That can include people of different race, ethnicity, religion, etc. It seems like you are making an assumption about all men who go out with women of color with that question; men who abuse their partners or children tend to have personality prob ( Full Answer )

When did Mae Jemison go into space?

Mae Jemison went into space on September 12, 1992, aboard STS-47(space shuttle Endeavour), an 8-day orbital mission.

What college did Mae Jemison go to?

Mae Jemison went to Cornell Medical College . (I'm a different person)This may be right but I read she went to Stanford University.

Why does my PC desktop go blank?

It is likely a "screen saver" feature. Check both Windows and your monitor settings, it can be adjusted or eliminated.

Why do women go barefoot more often than men?

Until ten years ago it was much more common for females to walk barefoot or in sandals/slippers because it was thought as being feminine. The last few years more and more males went barefoot as a result of the disappearance of the feminine morality. Today even more males than females tend to walk co ( Full Answer )

Who have more sexual filling men or women?

This all depends on the type of person you are. Some women are more sexual than men and visa versa. As a general rule though men are more sexual inclined then men.

What is the name of the women who forgot to go with the wise men?

Answer That is an interesting question. Matthew originally called the visitors magi , not "wise men", and the magi were priests of the god Ahura Mazda ("Wise Lord" - hence "wise men"). Bishop Spong says that among the people he knows in New Testament circles, the universal assumption is that th ( Full Answer )

Why is Mae tuck going to treegap?

she is going to treegap because she is going to meet her 2 sons miles & Jesse like she does every 10 years

Why men go bald more than women?

The most common cause of baldness in men is testosterone. This is a hormone most women's bodies do not produce.

Why do single men go after married women?

Most likely they don't want the commitment or resposibility of a wife. ANSWER: I don't think all single men go for a married women. But for some they have their own reason why they are attracted towards married woman. Seome will have relationship for sex only. They think married woman has a lot ( Full Answer )

Is it harder for men or women to go without sex?

Definitely men. A woman can at least go a day without thinking or talking about it. Lol. I don't think men have a capable quality to shut off the sex center of the brain.

What schools did Mae jemison go to?

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Why do women go into mens bathrooms?

to clean them, to inspect them, to repair the plumbing (yes, there are female plumbers) and to use the facilities when the women's room is out of service or otherwise unavailable.

How do women test men before deciding if they should go out with them?

see if they really care just don't push it to the extreme! try hurting yourself next to them and see they want to help but don't ask them to they need to ask you boys are weird and sometimes wonderful just please pick the right boy test with and make sure there are no nerds around in case the like y ( Full Answer )

Why do men go off and talk to other girls behind your back what are you doing wrong?

Since I'm a guy, I would most likely think that you are boring him or creeping him out if you gave him a compliment and went away that means u r kinda creeping him out so always start with try to know a guy then compliment him OR get to be good friends trust me start with friends then compliment him ( Full Answer )

What happened to men and women who didnt go to vietnam war?

1. Women did not count for American fighting strength from WWII through Vietnam. Women were "auxilaries" and part of the now (post Vietnam) disbanded WACs, WAVEs, WAFs, etc. 2. US Fighting men (US Servicemen) not sent to SEA (Southeast Asia) were primarily stationed in CONUS (Continental United Sta ( Full Answer )

Why do gay women go back to men?

It is my belief that we are not born 'GAY'. Yes, we do have certain Chromosomes that are both male and female in our bodies. I truly think that people become Gay due to life traumas such as; Rape, Abuse,Death or absence of a Parent. People become confused and operate from their 'damaged' or traumati ( Full Answer )

Do women go to the same mosque as men?

yes, but they pray in independent rows separated from men, or in a different room, This stops distractions while praying!

Why do older women go after younger men?

They like that fresh meat. That was uncalled for ! ----------------------------------------- You dont know what the f*** your on about so keep your mouth shut.

When does Mae Tuck go to the gallows?

People will try to kill Mae and hang her but has won't die sopeople will get curious and will know about Mas's secret. Hope that helps u!😊

How did women encourage men to go to war?

Women encouraged men to go to war mostly by encouragement. It was a very respectable and honorable thing to have a husband that was willing to give his life for his country. When the men came home, they were treated as heros.

Many times do men and women go to the bathroom?

It all depends on the amount of fluid intake over the day and how well your kidneys work to retain water. Some diseases (diabetes) and meds (diuretics and caffeine) allow the kidneys to lose more water. Fluid intake does include fluid in your food as well as water and drinks. Most people have to g ( Full Answer )