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Q: Find the simplest formula for boron carbide, a compound which is made of 78.6% boron and 21.4% carbon?
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WHAT is the chemical formula of carburo?

Carburo is the Spanish name of carbide; carbide is a compound containg carbon and a metal.

What is the chemical formula of carbide?

There is no single compound which is called a carbide. Carbides are compounds that are made of carbon and a less electronegative element.

The formula of the simplest compound formed between carbon and chlorine?

The carbon tetrachloride formula is CCl4.

What is the simplest formula for a covalent compound?

C=O carbon monoxide

The simplest formula for a covalent compound is?

C=O carbon monoxide

What compound contains carbon but is not considered an organic compound?

Silicon carbide SiC

Is silicon carbide used in cutting tools?

Silicon carbide is a compound of silicon and carbon with chemical formula SiC. Silicon carbide was discovered by the American inventor Edward G. Acheson in 1891. Some cutting tools are created with Silicon carbide.

What is the atom of aluminum carbide?

Aluminum carbide contains two different kinds of atoms: aluminum and carbon. The formula unit or molecular formula for aluminum carbide is Al4C3.

What is the chemical formula for calcium carbon?

The chemical formula for Calcium Carbide is CaC2.

What chemical formula is carbon and Fe?

Iron carbide is Fe3C.

What is spent carbide?

Spent carbide is the used form of carbide, which is a binary compound of carbon with an element of lower or comparable electronegativity. It is considered damaging to the environment.

What is the organic compound made of carbon and hydrogen?

There are many compounds made from Carbon and Hydrogen. The simplest of these is Methane: Formula: CH4

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