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Q: Find five elements named after colors?
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What are five elements named after colors?

The five elements named after colors are Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. Wind is yellow, fire is red, water is blue, earth is green, and spirit is purple.

What five elements are named after colors?

Gold Silver Platinum Copper Aluminum

Which elements are named by scientists?

There are five different elements that are named by scientists. The five elements are Bohrium, Curium, Einsteinium, Fermium and Lawrencium.

The five elements that are named after planets?

There are actually several elements that are named after planets. Five of these elements are plutonium, mercury, neptunium, uranium, and tellurium ('tellus' is Latin for 'earth').

Five elements named after colors?

Caesium -bluish(Latin) Chlorine -yellow/green (Greek) Iodine -violet (Greek) Rhodium -rose (Greek) Sulphur - yellow (Arabic)

What are five elements on the periodic table named after colors?

Iodine -violet (Greek) Sulphur - yellow (Arabic) Caesium -bluish(Latin) Chlorine -yellow/green (Greek) Rhodium -rose (Greek)

The five basic elements of organizational structure?

What are the 5 main organizational factors? Organizational influences are divided into five groups, which are organizational cultures and styles, organizational communication, organizational structures, organizational process assets and enterprise environmental factors

Where are the five elements in Cornwall?

Where are the five elements in cornwall?

What are five examples of elements?

Five examples of elements are Boron, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, and Calcium. To find more, see the link to Wikipedia in the related links (below).

What are the five elements of music?

the five elements of music are:-silencetempodurationtexturetimbre

What five elements were named after countries?

Americium- America Francium- France Germanium- Germany Polonium- Poland Ruthenium- Russia

What are the five elements of financial statements?

ndi ko nga alam ang sgot eh.. kya nga ngtatnung ai.. tsk..

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