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Find stock for double barrel springfield shotgun?

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Copy and paste this link. I don't know if they have what you want, but they have quite an inventory. http://www.gun-parts.com/savagestocks/

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How do I tell what gauge a Springfield arms double barrel shotgun is?

as your looking down the gun, the gauge should be stamped on the left barrel back by the stock.

Double barrel SEMINOLE shotgun can you give you any info on it?

can you give the age of a double barrel shotgun made by Seminole? 20s 30s i got a double barrel that needs a stock and forarm.know where i can get one?

Where is the receiver on a shotgun?

between the stock and the barrel

What are parts of a shotgun?

Lock stock and barrel

Where can you find a stock for your Stevens 311 20 gauge double barrel shotgun?

Try e-gunparts.com, Shotgun News, Gun List, do a web search on "shotgun stocks".

Where can you find a replacement stock for your Springfield 12 ga double barrel shotgun from Chicopee Fall MA pat April 20 1915?

Well you can try one of these stoack makers listed here http://www.fajen.com/stockmakers.html

Where can you find a stock for volunteer double barrel shotgun?

Try gun shops, pawn shops, gun shows, want ads

Where can you find a stock for a Baker double barrel shotgun?

Try e-gunparts.com, gun shops, gun shows, want ads.

Where can I find a replacement stock for a Ithaca double barrel shotgun?


How do you open a Stevens single shotgun?

If it is a typical Stevens double or single barrel there should be a metal lever towards the back of the stock slide it left or right and tilt the barrel down.

What is the value of a lanham bros double barrel shotgun patented June 20 1883 with a small gold emblem and a laminated steel barrel?

I have an identical shotgun. Same markings, date, laminated barrel, etc. but no gold emblem. I'm also interested in the value. Mine has a cracked stock.

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