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Find the sum of the opposite of -18 and its additive inverse?


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November 07, 2019 11:57PM
the opposite of negative 18 is positive 18. It's just like absolute value. |-18| is 18 because 18 is 18 steps away from 0 so is -18 like how it is 18 away from 0 and not -18 away from 0. -18 away from 0 is not a thing. So therefore, the opposite of negative 18 is positive 18 because the opposite of negative is postitve.
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January 06, 2013 3:26AM

The additive inverse of -18 is +18.

Hence if you want to add them,

Remember the additive inverse of a negative number will be its positive.

Its simple, just remove the negativity symbol. So -5 additive inverse is +5.

And for a positive number just put a negativity symbol in front of it. :D.

Hence +10 will become -10.

Remember the additive inverses always add up to give zero!!

Therefore you can always use this way to find the answer of your question.

Let the additive inverse of -18 be X.

As the law states, they add up to 0

-18 + X = 0

X = 0- (-18)

X = 0+18

X = 18

Coming to the next part of your question,

the opposite of -18 is simply the additive inverse!!!

Therefore its 18!!



Hope that helps buddy!!