Finding service for Kenmore air conditioners.?

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Kenmore products are serviced by Kenmore. They can be work on by other companies though like Sears.

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Q: Finding service for Kenmore air conditioners.?
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Who makes Kenmore central air conditioners?


Is Kenmore the best air conditioning company?

Kenmore offers a variety of air conditioning units. Kenmore air conditioners are easy to install, cool very well, and are a good value for the money.

When did Kenmore come out with the first washing machine?

Kenmore came out with it's first washing machine in 1927. Kenmore produces washing machines, BBQ Grills, Microwaves, Vacuum Cleaners, Air Conditioners and Water Heaters.

Can you opperate 277v ptac air conditioners on 240v service?


What are the different types of home air conditioners that are available?

Different types of home air conditioners are: Central Air Conditioners Split System Air Conditioners Packaged Central air conditioners Portable air conditioners Ductless air conditioners and, Evaporation Coolers

What services does Kenmore Air offer?

Kenmore Air is a chartered air service. They offer seaplane services, as well as hotel packages, travel tips, maps, and much more. The complete listing can be found on the "Kenmore Air" website.

Gree air conditioners service center India?

yes there are GREE airconditioner service centers in India

Where was air conditioners invented?

When was Air Conditioners invented

Can window air conditioners be filled with freon?

Yes but you will probably have to install a service port.

What brand of air conditioning units have better quality?

You can visit air conditioner review sites for more detail on each of the best. But the highest quality air conditioners are frigidaire, ge, kenmore, and whirlpool.

What is the temperature range of air conditioners?

depends on brand of air conditioners

How can I find a certified technician who repairs air conditioners?

Go to and type in your area code to find a local certified technician for repairing air conditioners. The contractors who work for Service Magic are certified.

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