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Q: Fired first shot in Australia during World War 2?
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Who was the first prime minister of Australia during World War 2?

Robert Menzies.

When Australia had the first computer does it was the first computer in the world?

no, Australia did not have the first computer in the world

What ship fired the first American shots during the attack on pearl harbor?

The USS ward was the ship that fired the first American shots during the attack on Peal Harbor

Who fired the first bullet in World War 2?


Australia joins the First World War?

Australia joined the first world war in 1914

who fired first shot in the American Revolutionary War?

No one knows who fired the "shot heard around the world."acually they were fired in lexington,Massachusetts

In which country were the first shots fired during WW2?

In poland, The shots were fired by a German ship called Schleswig Holstein.

Who fired the first gun in the American Revolution?

The British fired the first shots of American Revolutionary War at Lexington, on April 18,1775.

What season did the first settlers come to Australia?

The first settlers arrived in Australia during Australia's mid-Summer.

Who fired the first shot at world war 2?


Why was crispus attucks significant?

The reason why Crispus Attucks's death is so significant is, the first shot fired during the start of the Revolutionary War is known as, "THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD". Well that first shot, was the shot fired by the British soldier, killing him and others.

Location of the shot heard around the world?

The "shot heard round the world" was fired at Lexington.