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The British fired the first shots of American Revolutionary War at Lexington, on April 18,1775.

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during the revolutionary war the red caots shot first at the patriots.

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It's unknown who fired the first shot.

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Q: Who fired the first gun in the American Revolution?
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What is the strengths and weakness of the colonist during the American revolution?

the redcoats strength are that they had gun and the weakness were that the patriots had the France with them

How did baron Friedrich vo stuben contribute the American revolution?

he helped contribute in the war by helping the young soldiers how to march correctly, how to prepare a gun properly.

How did Mary Ludwig Hays help in the American revolution?

Mary Ludwig Hays helped by giving the American soldier pitcher water while the war was going on. The American soldiers said that she should have not been on the battle field. But Mary Ludwig Hay refuse to stop helping the American soldier. She went on the battle field with her husband. After her husband WA wounded she took is gun and reloded the cannons. they called her "Molly Pitcher."

What inventions came from the Spanish American War?

There are no known inventions that came from the Spanish American war. The stadimeter which was invented in 1894, was however useful in the Spanish American war and it is used to measure the range of an object.

What kind of gun did John kill Abe with?

A pocket pistol made by gunsmith Henry Derringer. The gun was a single-shot, black powder muzzle loader. It was six inches total in length with a 2 1/2" barrel and fired a .44-calibur bullet. The gun was found on the floor of the theater box where Lincoln sat. Booth also carried a large knife with which he stabbed one of Lincoln’s companions, Major Henry Rathbone, in the arm before Booth jumped from the box to escape.

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What quote refers to the first gun shots fired in the battles of Concord and Lexington?

As the beginnings of the American Revolution were unfolding, a phrase or quote was born that has been a part of US history. American rebels fired on British troops and thus the "shot heard around the world". It was significant in that a British set of American colonies, mostly with a British heritage were rebelling against the powerful home land, namely Great Britain.

Where was the shot around the world at?

The first gun going off at the battle of Lexington and Concord (in on a Lexington bridge) This is the first shot of the American revolution 1775.

What do you mean by a revolver-less revolution?

That would mean an American Revolution without using a revolver which is a type of gun

What do you mean by a revolver less revolution?

That would mean an American Revolution without using a revolver which is a type of gun

What gun is worth 1500 dollars?

The Musket ''Brown Bess'' they used in the american revolution

What was the first fully operational gun that was ever fired?

Guns first came about in the 13th century from a country called China. It was not until 1818 that the first fully operation gun was ever made and fired. The guns reliability when used in action was not considered reliable but it was the start of the first fully operational guns.

What does it mean when the gun is fired for a first time and then a second after the race has begun?

There has been a false start.

What is loaded into a gun?

A round is loaded into a gun. The gun is then cocked and then fired.

Who receives credit for sighting the first Union gun fired in defense at Fort Sumter?

Abner Doubleday

What type of gun fired shells in ww1?

This gun is a Rifle

Why does a gun recoll when it is fired?

A gun recoils when fired due to the need to eject the casing and to recycle the pent up gas

What size were the bullets fired from an American machine gun in world war 2?

American Heavy Machine Guns in WW2 fired .30 caliber rounds. The .50 caliber machine gun was 0.50 caliber which is 1/2-inch diameter and about 2 inches long. The shell before firing is about 6 inches in length.