First deserve then desire?

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This quote means that gains and respect must be earned before they can be worked toward. It is an admonition to mind the shape and structure of societal hierarchy.
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Why do you deserve this scholarship?

Its almost the 14 of July and I have realized after looking at my rank that the possibility if me even coming close to winning the scholarship is slim to one. The reason why I am posting this froum is because I need to know that someone in this place has it bad and I wanna hear about someone who has ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of 'First deserve then desire'?

In order to get almost any earthly thing on your own, you must first deserve it before it is healthy to desire it. You deserve something - in the only sense that ultimately satisfies - only when you work for it. At that point it is healthier to desire it. Better to be unattached to the things of thi ( Full Answer )

Is meeting people online desirable from the standpoint of forming emotional connections more than physical first impressions?

No easy answers to this question. Meeting people on-line dangerous. Especially when emotions are involved. There will never be a replacement for meeting someone face to face. It was well said when they wrote that "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". It is way to easy to hide y ( Full Answer )

What impression do you get of Stella and Stanley from their first brief appearance in scene one of the street car named desire?

You already get the sense that while Stanley treats Stella roughly, Stella enjoys it, an aspect of their relationship which Blanche struggles to grasp.\n. \nA good metaphor for this is when Stanley just shouts "Catch!" then throws some meat at her. The stage directions describe her crying out in pr ( Full Answer )

Who first recorded the song containing the lyrics I'm your Venus I'm your fire your desire?

The Dutch Rock Group: Shocking Blue (not Blues) Lead singer Mariska Veres, who died in 2006 of Cancer. The song was somewhat controversial as it is sexual and (I'M your Venus, I"m Your Fire, at your Desire) is strong stuff. The Greco-Roman Goddess of Beauty and Love is transformed into a sort of sup ( Full Answer )

Does Charlemagne deserve to be called great?

I would say Charlemagne does deserve to be called great. He was a very important positive influence in the history of Europe, and a great patron of arts and learning. Others might disagree, so do some research and decide for yourself.

How do you know if someone deserves your love?

You know when if someone deserves your love when he spends time and money on you. This may sound stupid but a man should spend money on his girlfriend all the time. He should shower her with gifts and flowers because this shows that he is investing in this relationship and thinks that his girlfriend ( Full Answer )

Do murders deserve to live?

Yes because they should have a chance to redeem themselves. No human deserves to die No, how many truly repent, did those who delighted in their attempts to eliminate the Jewish community, and carried on with numerous murders show any remorse. This country has never been able to come to grips wi ( Full Answer )

Why you deserve the scholarships?

This question is unique to everyone. So some examples on how youwould answer this question would be because you are a hard worker.You need this to be able to further your career and improve yourlife. You want to be able to provide for your family and then youshould state your future goals.

How can you remove desire if removing desire is a desire?

You can't. Desire and aversion disappear "of their own accord" (to be overly simplistic) after you train your mind to be so focused that it can "see" desire and aversion coming. Normally we look at a cup of coffee and immediately think either "oh, great! I love coffee!" or "coffee is addictive and b ( Full Answer )

What is deserve before you desire?

Deserve before you desire is to get something even before you wishfor it. To deserve means to be worthy of something or have merit.

Why are you deserve this scholarship?

If you are seeking and English based scholarship and this "Why areyou deserve this scholarship" is your standard of grammaticallycorrect English, then you have no hope of getting the scholarship.

Do you deserve to die?

Some countries and people believe that if a person commit certain acts then that person deserves to die. Assuming that we are not talking about laws and talking about the person themself, free of all opinion of their life, they certainly do not deserve to die.

Is it true that in the first year of the revolutionary war few Americans desired complete independence?

Of course. Up until we declared Independence, the founding fathers wanted nothing more than get what they deserved, and then return to the Mother country. But King George III was going mentally insane (hence his causing the war), and by the time the British were willing to give us what we had origin ( Full Answer )

Does he deserve you?

You have to ask yourself. . "What has he done to earn the right to be with me?". If he is abusive in any way shape or form, he absolutely does NOT deserve you. Remember your self-worth has no set amount. Name calling, hitting, badgering, bullying, controling behavior is somthing no woman should eve ( Full Answer )

Why do you deserve to live?

what are you talking about everybody desurves to live unless you had murdered somebody before then its diffrent

Why do you deserve an A grade?

People deserve to get good grades because they've done well.Students should get an A grade if they study diligently forexample.

Did Charles the first deserve to be executed?

Yes because he refused to listen to parliament and ruled without one for 11 years. Also the was nearly broke because of him so he started issuing ship tax even to people who didn't live by the sea or have a ship. He tried to arrest some of the MP's in parliament because he was thought they were a th ( Full Answer )

Do people get what they deserve?

I say bad things happen and good things happen but it will all benefit us later in life if we do wats truly right forgiving might not be easy but just forgive and prove by just doing good because god didnt destroy us when we sinned against him why should we destroy others and ourselves by not forgiv ( Full Answer )

How do you get on deserving design?

By honestly applying. I am a registered nurse. I work in an alzheimer's unit at a not- for- profit healthcare facility. Better known as a nursing home. Needless to say there is not a lot of money for decorating or even repairs. The money has to be spent on the main necessities, such as the heaters, ( Full Answer )

I desire to kiss you or I desire kissing you?

If your asking which way you would say it, i would think you would say it as 'I desire kissing you.' Though word of advise, dont ever say that to just comes out sounding a bit odd.

What is 'You deserve it' in Italian?

The informal singular 'Te lo meriti' to family and friends, or the formal singular 'Se lo merita' to those senior in age or position or outside of the speaker's close familial and friendly circle, may be Italian equivalents of 'You deserve it'.

Why does Harriet Tubman deserve a memorial?

Because she led so many people out of slavery and into freedom and went back over and over again a ton of times. Saving millions of people!!

Why do veterans deserve your respect?

I do not know exactly what a veteran is, but I know it is some one older who has served in the armed forces or military. I give them my respect because he or she is a person who decided to serve their country, and even though some may not have made the right choices during that time, they made it be ( Full Answer )

What is the noun form of deserve?

The noun forms for the verb to deserve are deserver , one who deserves, deservedness , and the gerund is deserving .

Did richard the lionheart deserve his name?

Yes, he was very brave, even foolhardy. If someone shot an arrow at him, he would wave a greeting before riding away. This cost him his life.

Did Michael Jackson deserves to die?

I say that no one desires to die. Michael Jackson is one person that didn't desire to die. Besides who would want to kill the KING OF POP!

Who deserves Israel?

Anyone willing to live there and enjoy the bounty and the blessings of the land in the democracy, freedom, and equality that the Jewish administration has brought to it in the 60-years' twinkling of an historic eye ... whether Muslim, Christian, or Jew ... deserves that life. Exactly as they h ( Full Answer )

Is deserves an adjective?

No, it is not. It is a verb form, the present tense, third personsingular form of the verb "to deserve." (Both deserving anddeserved can be adjectives.)

Why do you deserve peace?

Me personally? I deserve peace for one reason only; I served my country and stood my post. I did my part to protect this country and the Western World as a whole. That's it. I did my part; I volunteered. I gave my time and part of my life. Everyone else? Because they are human beings, and provide ( Full Answer )

What do murders deserve?

Many people believe that some murders deserve capitol punishment, which means the death penalty. Others believe that they deserve life in prison. I, personally, believe that in certain cases, they deserve the death sentence.

How do you answer why you deserve this scholarship?

Generally I answer that question with a mild hardship that makes it difficult for me to go to school, or why I deserve it academically. Really, so long as it is your voice you should be okay, and if it is convincing. Though the whole 'writing' essay thing was never really my style, I prefer using ( Full Answer )

Why do you deserve to die?

Most everybody that exists on this earth doesn't deserve to die. But we all don't live forever either.

Does deserve have a suffix?

No, but it could have a suffix added to it, to make it into words like deserving or deserved.

Why is first voided specimen desired?

The first voided morning specimen is particularly valuable because it is more concentrated and abnormalities are easier to detect. An early morning specimen is also relatively free of dietary influences and changes due to physical activity. \n.

Who deserves to be saved first the old or the young?

It is a contradictory question based on sociology and economic theories.Without history philosophy is invalid at the same time without philosophy mere history is obsolete.So to say experience without knowledge is stagnant so also knowledge without experience is stale.

Why do you deserve to be a prefect?

I deserve to be a prefect because, I want to proof myself to be a better person and change my attitude from a big spoiled child to a person that can lead. Being a prefect doesn't mean that you have the power to control their life or shout at them for no apparent reason. Wearing a green uniform is a ( Full Answer )

Who deserves to be president?

The person who deserves to be President is the person who wins theelection as laid out by the Constitution. Each person is going to think that their favorite candidatedeserves the position.