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Five-sixths of a liter is twenty-twenty--fourths of a liter.

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Q: Five-sixths of a liter is how many twenty-fourths of a liter?
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How many six make one quarter?

One twentyfourths.

What is eqvilant to one sixth?

Four twentyfourths.

What is four twentyfourths as a decimal?

It is 0.1666... repeating.

What is nine twentyfourths in simplest form?


What Seven eights minus two thirds?

five twentyfourths

What is two thrirds minus three eights?

7 twentyfourths

What is five three eighths minus three fourths?

eleven twentyfourths

What is eight twentyfourths in simplest form?


What percent is seven twentyfourths?

That depends what it is a percentage of. As a percentage of 1, it is equal to 7/24 x 100 = 29.16 recurring (that is, 29.16666...) percent.

How many milliliters are in a liter?

There are 1,000 milliliters in a liter.

How many milliltres in a liter?

There are 1,000 milliliters in a liter.

How many tenths of a milliliter is equal to a liter many liter?


How many cups in one liter?

how many cups of water in a liter

How many liter in a pint?

0.47 liter

How many mil liter in a Liter?


How many liter are in 30ml?

.03 liter

How many liter in 2 liter?


How many cc in a 12 liter?

Well 12 liter is .....

What is the simplest form for 9 twentyfourths?

Both 9 and 24 are divisible by three, so 9/24 would reduce to 3/8.

How many 2. oz shots in a liter?

how many 2oz shots in a liter

How many liters are there in one liter?

It might be a good idea to reread your question. As you wrote it, there is 1 liter in 1 liter. However, you may mean: how many milliliters are in 1 liter and that answer would be 1000 ml in 1 literActually 1.The answer is 1 because this question is like how many ones in many mililiters in liter?

How many times greater is a liter than a micro liter?

Micro Liter is 1/1000000 th of a liter or 1 millionth of a liter. So liter is million times greater than a micro liter

How many liter equal 0.001 liter?

0.001 liters is a fraction of a liter. You are about 0.999 liters away from a whole liter.

How many milliliters are there in a liter?

1000 milliliters are in a liter

How many gallons equals a liter?

0.26 liter