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five lines of history of desktop

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Explain charactristic of a nurse in five lines?

Do you really need five lines when this really fits.

How many lines does a cinquain have?

A cinquain has five lines in it.

How many lines of verse are in a limerick?

A limerick is required to have five lines. Lines one two and five must rhyme, lines three and four must rhyme

What are the five parts of computer keyboard?

The five parts of a computer keyboard

What shape has 5 lines of symmetry?

A pentagon has five lines of symmetry. It also has five internal angles.

How many lines and syllables are used in a haiku?

seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five,

What are computer circuit lines?

a thing that works in a computer.

What are the five lines called that music is written on?

the five lines in which music is written on is called a Stave..:) staff

What shape has five lines of symmetry?

a pentagon has 5 lines of symmetry

How many lines are in a simile poem?

There are five lines in a simile poem.

How many square corner does a penta have?

A pentagram is a five pointed star, drawn by five straight lines. There are no "square" (900) corners as all five lines are angled.

What are cinquains?

it has five lines and it does not rhyme.

Write five lines about a small family?

five sentences about smallfamily

What are the five lines in art?

the five major lines used in art are vertical( | ), diagonal ( / ), horizontal( -- ) curvy( @ ), and zig zag( vvvv )

What are the five lines called that allt the music is written on?

The five lines that the music is written on is called the stave, or the staff for bass and treble! :)

What are five basic operations performed by computer system?

five basic operation performed by computer

Why does your computer screen have vertical lines on it sometimes?

If your computer screen has vertical lines on it sometimes your monitor or graphics card may be dying.

What are Points and lines in computer graphics?

whait is point in computer graphics

Five applications of computer?

five sentence about doctor

How do you move three lines from five squares to make 4 squares?

Move 3 lines "from" - do you mean 'remove 3 lines from' - or - move 3 lines to other places? Anyway, this all depends on the layout of the five squares.

What are five parts of the computer system?

The five parts of the computer are CPU, Monitor, Printer, Mouse and Keyboard.

A student read four sonnets and five limericks how many lines of poetry were read?

A sonnet has 14 lines, so four of them total 56 lines. A limerick has 5 lines, so five of them total 25 lines. So the grand total is 81.

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