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cellular respiration events

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Q: Flow of Events in cellular respiration?
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Compare the energy flow in photosynthesis to the energy flow in cellular respiration?

the energy flows in photosynthesis and cellular respiration take place in opposite directions

What is the sequence of events in cellular respiration?

glycolysis, fermentation, Krebs cycle, ETC (Electron Transport Chain), Actually fermentation is not part of cellular respiration, and occurs only without oxygen, which cellular respiration depends on. -- Fermentation does occur, but only when no oxygen is present. It IS part of cellular respiration.

What are the sequence of the 3 events in cellular respiration?

ignition, compression, exhaust

What is the difference between cellular respiration and breathing?

respiration is process of producing energy...but breathing is just flow of air in and out of body

What are the two major types of cellular respiration?

the two main types of cellular respiration are aerobic cellular respiration and anaerobic cellular respiration.

Do energy flow in photosynthesis and cellular respiration occur in the same direction?

No, different directions.

How many ATP do you get after cellular respiration?

ATP is used for cellular respiration. It is not a product of cellular respiration.

What is plant respiration?

aerobic cellular respiration, inaerobic cellular respiration

What is the correct sequence of events in cellular respiration?

glycolysis, Krebs cycle, electron transport

What are the squences of events in the cellular respiration?

Glycolysis, Krebs cycle, electron transport chain

What do photosyntheisis and cellular respiration have in common?

Photosynthesis and Cellular respiration have nothing in common. Cellular respiration is the opposite of Photosynthesis. Cellular Respiration is converting glucose to usable energy.

Is exhalation and inhalation known as cellular respiration?

No; that is known as "respiration," not "cellular respiration."

How is this different from cellular respiration?

How is what different from cellular respiration? If you mean photosynthesis, then cellular respiration is basically the reverse process.

Do all organisms do cellular respiration?

Yes. They undergo either anaerobic cellular respiration or aerobic cellular respiration.

Differentiate anaerobic cellular respiration from aerobic respiration?

Differentiate anaerobic cellular respiration from aerobic respiration?

What are the possible events that could happen after glycolysis?

It either undergoes Anaerobic or Aerobic Cellular Respiration.

Where does cellular respiration occur?

cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria

What does the Mitochondrian have to do with Cellular Respiration?

Cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria.

Were does cellular respiration happen?

Cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria.

Why is cellular respiration an aerobic respiration?

Because cellular respiration occurs in the presence of oxygen.

Where does cellular reputation take place?

Cellular respiration is a cycle of matter and a flow of energy. It takes place just outside and inside the cell's mitochondria.

Why is external respiration vital to cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration need oxygen. This oxygen is supplied by external respiration

How are glycolysis and cellular respiration the same?

Glycolysis, is the first stage of cellular respiration, so glycolysis is just a portion of cellular respiration.

What cellular organelle is most closely associated with cellular respiration?

mitochondra. It is the sight of cellular respiration

What uses oxygen to release energy from food?

cellular respirationCellular respirationAerobic respiration