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Tangled; the Disney animated movie about Flynn falling in love with Rapunzel is a work of fiction, inspired by the story of Rapunzel who had very long hair. No, it's not real.

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Do flynn and Rapunzel fall in love?

Yes, Because in the end of Tangled They Kiss.

How old is Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled?

Rapunzel is 18 ad Flynn Rider i believe is 26

How old is Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in Tangled?

Rapunzel is 18 and I believe Flynn Rider (Eugene) is 26.

How old is Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in Tangled?

Rapunzel is 18 and Flynn Rider (Eugene) i believe is 26

Who are the characters in Rapunzel?

rapunzel, flynn rider and mother gothel

What is that new Rapunzel movie by Disney about?

It is called Tangled. And it features a young Rapunzel who is locked in the tower by her evil mother. The mother goes on a journey for the weekend, leaving Rapunzel at home. A man (Flynn) breaks into her tower, looking for treasure. He convinces Rapunzel to leave the tower with him and they go in search of some mysterious stars. Through their adventures they realize that they like eachother. The mother finds out that Rapunzel has left and tries to trick her into coming back. But Rapunzel finds out that her true parents are Royalty in the nearby city. She also is in love with Flynn. So her love and real family coax her into abandoning her evil mother.

Who is Rapunzel married to?

Flynn rider eugene

Who are the characters of rapunzel?

Rapunzel,Flynn rider(eugene),Mother gothel,Stabbington brothers,Pub thugs

Who is Rapunzel's prince?

In the Disney movie Tangled, Rapunzel's prince goes by the name Flynn Ryder, but he reveals to Rapunzel that his real name is Eugene.

How do you make Flynn climb Rapunzel's hair in the Tangled Wii game?

Go to the next group of butterflies with Rapunzel. Then press the 2 button when 2 shows up. Then switch to Flynn and make him go to where Rapunzel is except on the bottom. Then when the 2 button shows up press the 2 button on your wii remote and that should get Flynn up to where Rapunzel is.

Is Rapunzel a real vegetable?

Answer this first: is Rapunzel on REanthem cute?

Does Rapunzel die in tangled?

No she dosent die in tangled. She lived and so did Flynn Ryder.

Does Rapunzel Kiss Flynn in Tangled?

yes they do kiss two times and almost a third!

What was the girl's name from Tangled?

Her name is Rapunzel, and the other guys name is Flynn Ryder

Why is Flynn Rider leaving Walt Disney World?

There are currently no plans to discontinue Rapunzel and Flynn Rider's meet and greet at Walt Disney World.

What is the name of the person in the movie tangled?

Rapunzel Eugene/Flynn Mother Gothel These are the main characters

How old is flynn rider?

Somewhere in his 20s, my best guess is 26. (FYI - Rapunzel is 18.)

Is flynn the man from the movie tangled?

Yes. Flynn Rider is the male protagonist of the movie Tangled (2010) which tells the tale of Rapunzel, the girl with the incredibly long hair.

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