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What are cheryl coles ambitions?

when she was a child, she really wanted to perform. now she wants to start afamily and for it to be a healthy one.

Have Cheryl and ashly broken up?

yes ashly and cheryl have split up now and cheryl is called cheryl tweedy

What is Cheryl Cole now officially known as?

She is simply known as Cheryl.

What year was Cheryl Tweedy born?

Cheryl Tweedy was the maiden name of Cheryl Cole, now Cheryl Fernandez-Verseni aka Cheryl.She was born June 30, 1983.

Where does she live Cheryl Cole now?

cheryl cole lives in los angelies

Do you think cheryl cole smokes?

Cheryl Cole used to smoke but now she doesn't!

Is Cheryl cole out of hospital?

Cheryl Cole is recovering well and is out of hospital now luckily

What to put for qualifications on a resume?

As a chef, restaurant employers like to now where you have worked before, what your position was and the types of duties that you would perform in your daily activities.

How old is Cheryl Tweedy?

Cheryl Tweedy was the maiden name of Cheryl Cole, now Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.She is 34 years old (born June 30, 1983).

Is cheryl cole going to be now known as cheryl tweedy?

She has decided to keep the name 'Cole'

Who did Cheryl Cole go out with?

Cheryl Cole dated and married Ashely Cole. They are now divorced.

What Date Was Cheryl Cole born?

Cheryl Cole was born on the 30th of June 1983 and she is now 25

Does Justin bieber like Cheryl cole?

Yes he likes cheryl cole.But he is dating with Selena Gomez now.

What is cheryl Cole's full name?

Cheryl Ann Cole/Tweedy.Now it is Tweedy as she has split up with Ashley.

Cheryl coles middle name?

Cheryl's full name is Cheryl Ann Cole but couls she split up with ashly she is now called cheryl ann tweedy

Does Cheryl Rixon an Australian model now living in America have a website?

I believe Cheryl is working toward addressing this sometime soon.

How old was cheryl cole when she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro?

if cheryl cole is 27 now and the climb was 3 years ago you can do the math

Is Jordan ladd the daughter of cheryl Ladd?

Yes, Jordan Ladd is the daughter of Cheryl Ladd, and David Ladd, now divorced.

Who Is Cheryl Coles Husband?

Cheryl used to be married to Footballer Ashley Cole, but now she has filed for a divorce, so she hasn't got a husband.

How much does Cheryl Cole earn?

Cheryl cole used to earn 4 million she now earns 10 million. That is a 150% more.

Is Cheryl Cole married to Ashley Cole?

Cheryl and Ashley Cole are now divorced. The divorce was granted on 3 September 2010.

Is Ashley cole cheating on cheryl cole?

he has 2 time but he is not at the now

Is Ron Howard married now?

Yes. He married Cheryl Alley.

Does Cheryl Cole live by herself?

Yes she now lives on her own.

Is Cheryl Cole going out with Derek Hough?

No Cheryl Cole is riding solo right now because she just wanted to have a break from love for the time being after breaking up with now 'friend' Ashley Cole