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For how long are sheep pregnant?


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September 02, 2016 10:34AM

on average 6 months

Edit: Aactually, just under 5 months is a sheeps gestation.

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22nd Feb - 25th May we had our ram
Sheep 1 (Millie)
gave birth to twins (Emi and Tinka) on 20th Aug
Sheep 2 (Martha)
gave birth to one (Thumbi) on 13th Sept

Millie: 117-181 days (aprx 5mnths) bout 150 days
Martha: 141-205 days (aprx 5mnths) bout 180 days

They're different breeds (Millie is Border and Martha is Corrie (I think)
And the ram (Lambo) was Hampshire

Millie got pregnant half way through the duration of having a ram
Martha got pregnant towards the end

I thought neither were pregnant, just got over the happiness of the thought of lambs and suddenly Millies udders dropped, a month or so later we had twins. Then I felt sorry that Martha probably wouldn't get a chance to be a mum, but her udders dropped just under a month later and I was just thinking "Aww, look what a good auntie Martha is now, babysitting Millies lambs." Then I realized that Millies lambs were being good big sisters to their new lil sister. They're always hanging out.

It was kinda like the boy who cried wolf because I'd tricked everyone about them having lambs so many times, then this time nobody came and they thought I was joking.

That was probably the longest possible answer, lol

How long are shheps pregnant