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A 406 area code belongs to the state of Montana. Since 1947 this area code has been in service. This zip codes covers 56 counties and also 170 cities.

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Q: For what state does the 406 area code belong to?
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What is the area code for Montana?

The entire state of Montana is in area code 406, which is +1 406 in international format.

Where in North America is area code 406?

The code +1.406 is used throughout Montana.

What is the area code of Yellowstone National Park?

The 307 area code serves the entire state of Wyoming - where the majority of Yellowstone is located. Note, however that Yellowstone National Park stretches a bit outside the boundaries of northwest Wyoming into Montana (area code 406) and Idaho (area code 208).

Which phone company for area code 406 has the prefix 861?

Most numbers in the 406-861 prefix in Billings, Montana, belong to Cingular Wireless, which is now part of AT&T. However, with number portability, any specific number could have been switched to a different cellular carrier, or even to a landline.

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