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Q: Former apprentice who worked for a master craftsman to perfect his skills?
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What would you become after a apprentice?

An apprentice becomes a journeyman, and a journeyman becomes a master.

What were the three positions in becoming a master blacksmith?

To become a Master Blacksmith you would might serve as a laborer at the beck and call of everyone. Then as apprentice, under one or two masters. Then as a journeyman traveling about working with different masters to learn different ways of doing things then as a master yourself.

What did an apprentice for a master of renaissance painting do?

An apprentice's first tasks were humble: sweeping, running errands, preparing the wooden panels for painting, and grinding and mixing pigments. As the apprentice's skills grew, he would begin to learn from his master: drawing sketches, copying paintings, casting sculptures, and assisting in the simpler aspects of creating art works. The best students would assist the master with important commissions, often painting background and minor figures while the Master painted the main subjects. The few apprentices who showed amazing skill could eventually become masters themselves. A very few became greater artists than their masters. One legend tells of the young Leonardo da Vinci painting an angel so perfectly that his master Verrocchio broke his brushes in two and gave up painting forever in recognition of his pupil's superior abilities.

What made Raphael's work unique or changed the direction of art?

Hr was technically perfect in drawing and coloring, a devout Christian, a master in portraying character, etc. He distilled the best from his great contemporaries Leonardo and Michelangelo. His art was seen as an ideal for coming generations of painters.

Who was the master of woodcuts?

Albrecht Durer was the master of woodcuts.

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What are the steps to becoming a master craftsman?

apprentice, journeyman, master

What happens during the time of apprenticeship?

The apprentice learns the skills of his trade from the master craftsman. When the master craftsman decides that the apprentice has learned all he needs, apprenticeship ends and the apprentice becomes a journeyman who usually leaves the master craftsman to practice his trade on his own.

What is a person who learned a trade from a master craftsman?

An Apprentice

What is A Boy Who Worked For A Master Craftsman For Free For Seven Years?


How do you spell parentice?

The likely word is "apprentice" (student under a master craftsman).

What are the main stages in the training of a medieval craftsmen?

A craftsman would become an apprentice to a master and would learn everything from him. Most craftsmen also made their own techniques which would be passed down from master to apprentice, which is how it all started.

What were Paul Revere's life achievements?

Paul Revere was a shoe maker,silversmith,soldier,painter,master engraver,apprentice,and a craftsman

What does apprenticeship mean?

An apprentice is someone who works for a skilled person to learn a trade. An apprenticeship is therefore the act of being an apprentice. An advanced apprenticeship is one who is undergoing the act of being an apprentice at a higher level than that of a beginner.

Who are you an apprentice to?

A master.

What does an apprentice become prior to a master craftsmen?

The usual step between apprentice and Master is called "journeyman".

What is the person that teaches the apprentice called?

a master

What is the opposite of apprentice?