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Forms to respond to a summons?

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2010-02-04 19:17:22
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This question is vague. A complaint is always attached to a summons; therefore, you are not responding to the summons, but you are actually supposed to respond to the complaint. The complaint should have statements in numbered paragraphs. You are either going to agree (or admit), disagree (or deny), or you do not have any knowledge regarding the allegations contained in a numbered paragraph.

It is best to hire an attorney to assist you in responding to complaints in order to protect your rights.

the numbered paragraph is13. case instiuted by; two choices 1on-veiw arrest or 2 citiation/summons. Mine was checked 1 on veiw arrest, what does that mean and does it mean i'can't pay a fine

You have to file an answer with the court usually within a specified time-frame. I'm in the midst of a court process in Oregon with a junk debt attorney. The State of Washington has a good sample form for anwering a lawsuit that you can Google and work of off, or I actually bought templates from a blogger who fought a similar case, you can google, how to answer a credit card debt lawsuit add the dotcom and find his site. If you are eligible for legal aid you should try that too. I just felt like I would spend the $ I owed on a lawyer, so I'm fighting it myself successfully so far. There are some good tips on the blog about how to settle at the end of the process if you think you are going to lose!

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