Found spider in western ny brown white spots on back black white legs body the size of a marble What is it?


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I think I may have seen a similar spider today. The "butt" of the spider was quite large, burnt orange color with white spots on the top. I have never seen the spider before but I think I found a picture of it online. I haven't found the name of it yet. I'll let you know when I find out what it was. I may have found the spider you saw. The one I saw is called a shamrock orb weaver. Check out the pic on spiderzrule.com under the link Common US Spiders on the home page.

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One type of spider in Minnesota is the Western Widow Spider, a subspecies of the Black Widow Spider.

Yes. The western black widow is found in Washington as well as the hobo spider.

There is the Brazilian Wandering Spider that is one of the worlds most toxic spiders. There is a black and yellow spider from the western Pacific and the Golden Silk Orb Weaver in Australia, Asia, Africa and the USA

Species Latrodectus apicalis (Galapagos black widow spider).Species Latrodectus hesperus (Western black widow spider).Species Latrodectus variolus (Northern black widow spider).Species Latrodectus mactans(4) Subspecies Latrodectus mactans mactans(Southern black widow spider, black widow spider).(5) Subspecies Latrodectus mactans tredecimguttatus (European black widow spider, Mediterranean black widow spider).

This kind of spider is called a Redback Spider. It was first found in Australia and resembles a black widow spider.

If you found a spider that is black, not fuzzy and has a yellow design on its back, his could mean that you found a banana spider. These are common in Oklahoma.

The black widow spider is a group of spiders which includes the southern black widow (Latrodectus mactans), the northern black widow (Latrodectus variolus), and the western black widow (Latrodectus hesperus)

a spider known as a cross spider usaually found in the uk

Yes. The Western Black Widow Spider is present in Oregon. However, This spider is rarely found in the northwest part of the state but still occur...mostly traveling from a Widow saturated place like California hitching rides from folks inside their belongings. The Western Black Widow is far more common in the eastern and southern Oregon areas, and even more common in the southwest areas of the state. There is another "widow" spider found in all parts of Oregon, but without the markings or hourglass pattern on the abdomen that is commonly known as the "False Widow" spider. The female False Widow is jet black like the Black Widow female and with the same body, just without the red hourglass on her bottom side. These are venomous also, but not as poisonous as the female Black Widow.

A spider that has black and white stripes and can walk on water and is found in Northern Minnesota may be a dark fishing spider. This spider is large, often 3 inches or more, and is often found on or near water.

Large reserves of marbles are found in Baluchistan, the largest province of Pakistan area vise. White and black marble is exported from Pakistan to many countries.

The Black Widow spider's scientific name is Latrodectus Hesperus. That means western Black Widow spider.

The duration of The Black Marble is 1.88 hours.

they can be I've seen a wide black spider crawling around in my toilet today. It seemed to not thinck but skinny It was a black house spider

One type of spider that is black with green markings is the jumping spider, which is found in North America. They are half an inch in length and can jump very long distances.

A black spider with a red mark and green fangs might be a black widow spider. This spider is very venomous and its bite can kill a human if treatment is not received soon after a bite.

The spider with a light yellow spiked shell and black dots is the star spider. The star spider is commonly found is the Southern parts of the United States and Central America.

That spider is an orb weaver or a marble orb weaver. We just found one outside our classroom, and looked it up. You can check by looking at the web. They create webs that are spiral, and look like a wheel.

Latrodectus is the genus of the Black Widow Spider.Latrodectus is the genus of the Black Widow Spider.Latrodectus is the genus of the Black Widow Spider.Latrodectus is the genus of the Black Widow Spider.Latrodectus is the genus of the Black Widow Spider.Latrodectus is the genus of the Black Widow Spider.

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