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Q: Four-digit school code for McGill University?
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The school code to Everest university online?

Everest university school code online

What is the school code to walden university?

Walden University code is 025042

What is school code for university of Houston?

The University of Houston Main Campus's Federal School Code is 003652.

What is the school code for the university of North Dakota?

* The College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) Code for The University of North Dakota is 6878. * If you need the school code for financial aid purposes, the FAFSA School Code is 00300500.

School code for Texas tech university?


What is the code of university of Houston main campus?

University of HoustonHouston, TXCollege Board code: 6870Please be advised, the school code for financial aid is different from the College Board Code.

Where is the George Washington University School of Medicine located?

The George Washington University School of Medicine is a historical school that is located in Washington D.C. The school is at 2300 Eye Street, NW. in the zip code of 20037.

Who first called it the Ohio state university?

Basically, when the University changed from an agricultural University to a full public school it was official changed to 'The Ohio State University' as written in state code.

What ACT score is required to get into Ohio State University?

This depends on the school requirement code. Every school has a different one.

What is the CEEB code for Kean University?

The CEEB Code for Kean University is : 002622

What is the financial aide code?

Each college and university that is eligible to award financial aid has a code particular to that specific school. This code is different from that of the college code. The financial aid code should be readily available on the form, and on the web site if you are applying online (which you should be doing).

What is the airport code for Lewis University Airport?

The airport code for Lewis University Airport is LOT.