George Washington
French and Indian War

Four leaders who fought in the French and Indian War?


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George Washington, La Salle

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The French, Indians vs. Britain,and colonies.

They're were four wars in the Frech and Indian Wars. King williams, King George's, Queen Anne's, and The French and Indian War.

More than four, if you think about all the American presidents, British prime ministers, French presidents and Russian presidents. Leaders of other countries also would like to think of themselves as being involved.

the four French overseas regions, (which also are départements) are: la Guadeloupe and la Martinique in the Carribean; la Guyane (French Guiana) located North of Brazil; and la Réunion in the Indian ocean.

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General Lafayette, General Anthony Wayne, George Washington, and French Marshall Rochambeau

they were 78 battles fought in four years

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For the first three or four days the US fought the French. Germany had overrun France and installed a collaborationist government, the hated "Vichy" regime, which became a German ally. Nobody was happy about this fighting between Americans and French, and the French soon gave it up and came over to the American side. After that the Americans fought the Italians and Germans.

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