Chemical Energy

Four states of energy?

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principal, azimuthal, magnetic, and spin.

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How are the four states of matter related?

The four states of matter are related by energy concentration.

Why are the four states of matter called the four states of matter?

because they are the four forms or states that matter can be in

What are the four states of matter and it's characteristic?

Solid (particles closest together, lowest energy) Liquid Gas Plasma (particles farthest apart, highest energy)

What is the four kinds of energy?

Four kinds of energy are:1. Mechanical energy2. Chemical energy3. heat energy4. Light energy

What are four kinds of kinetic energy?

The four kinds of kinetic energy are mechanical,sound, electrical and thermal energy.

What are the Four coastal states?

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What are the 2 states of energy?

The 2 states of energy is oxygen and air!

When was the Four Loko line of beverages introduced?

Four Loko was originally intended to be an energy drink, however the company decided to change it into an alcoholic beverage. It was introduced to the United States in 2005.

Why are potential energy and kinetic energy considered states of energy?

They are states of energy, because kinetic energy is energy being used; potential energy that is being stored to be used.

Matter comes in four states?

Matter does come in four states. The states are plasma, gas, liquid, and solid.

The four states of matter?

The four states of matter are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.

In which four states do you find active volcanoes?

in which four states do you find active volcanoes

What are the four departments in the states executive branch?

What are the four departments in the states executives branch

Four types of energy?

Thermal EnergyMechanical EnergyElectrical EnergyElectromagnetic Energy

Energy exist in what two states?

Energy exists in many more than two states, but two are light energy and heat energy.

What four states that meets and makes four right angle?

Take out a map of the U.S. Locate Arizona. Look at its borders with other states, and find the four right angles. These are the "Four Corners" states.

What for states make up the four section of the united states?

Northeast, the Midwest, the South, and the West

What combination of energy provide about half of the total energy for the united states?

Electric power energy provides about half of the total energy of the United States.

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How many US states have four words in their name?

No U.S. states have four words in their names.

What is four types of energy that can be stored?

thermal energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, sound energy

What is 1 desert in North America that covers at least four states?

There is no desert in the United States that 'covers' four states. The Mojave Desert does enter four states, however: California Nevada Arizona Utah

In a four stroke engine chemical energy is transferred to what energy?

thermal energy

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