Free music downloads for windows mobile 6?

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Well there isn't really a reliable source for free music downloads and it is illegal since the Artist won't get paid for their work. The best, and cheapest way to get music downloads is through They offer unlimited music downloads for only a few bucks a month. It's much cheaper than any other site I've came across and they are 100% legal paying the artist for their hard work in making music you enjoy. They also have just about every song in every genre. Check them out at when you get a chance.
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Free music download sites?

U can go to this site which i went and download and 100% free

What is a good music downloader that is free?

-Go to OR -Download limewire OR frostwire (They're both downloads which allow you to download music for free.) -Once downloaded, click the search blank, and enter the song name, artist, band, or CD name. Once the list of songs comes out, choose the one you want, click ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to download free music?

It depends. If it is something downloaded off of, then it is completely fine. If it is a song that would be purchased off of iTunes or Napster, then it is illegal.

Where can you find and download music for free?

Most music mp3 downloads are illegal because of the copyright on the music as well as the licensing. Most popular songs are not licensed to be freely distributed - without paying for it. This is piracy. There are several services which allow you to download single songs rather than full albums - one ( Full Answer )

Music where can you download FREE music?

If you're looking for them to put music on your iPod; there is apps for that. There is many apps for free music, they work too. But for PC there is and there . Hope I helped! ;D

How do you get free music to your mobile phone?

First of all You will needeither a usb data cable or a memory card reader. Then If your using a usb data cable download a software from the CD you should have got it in the box. For a memory card reader put your memory card into the memory card reader and then if it says the file is protected or s ( Full Answer )

How do you download music from a computer to a mobile?

Two ways you can download. 1) You need to have a USB cable which connects your computer and mobile. Once it is connected you directly send songs to you mobile from your computer.. 2) If your computer has bluetooth facility then send via bluetooth.

Where i can download free mobile games?

I dnt have an answer but just some advise, make sure your not downloading a game or an app illegally, even if someone answers your question remember not to always trust the website they give. >sorry i haven't given an answer but i need one to this question too!

Where can you download free mobile phone games?

If you type in 'free mobile phone games' into Google, you will get loads of websites you can download mobile phone games on. If you have internet on your phone, there might be an option to download games directly onto your phone.

Where I can download free video songs for my mobile?

1. you need to download you tube downloader 2. you need to download a 3gp converter 3. download your video and put it on vlc media 4. drag the video to the 3gp converter download list and download 5. download prism video converter. 6.when the 3gp converter has finished downloading drag it ( Full Answer )

How do you download free music for the iPhone?

You will need a laptop or computer with working internet. Download any free youtube converter and open up a tap with the youtube page on it. Follow the instructions to save a song to your laptop. Once you've finished find the music file and drag it into itunes and sync to ur ipod iphone or ipad.

Where can you get free mobile downloads?

I m not sure if there are some mobile software to download video/audio. But i know there many software to download video from internet. Like leawo free youtube downloader,moyea free flash download,etc. And most of mobile suppport 3gp format,you can convert flash/video to 3gp if you want to play v ( Full Answer )

Is it free to download music?

Not always. Certain sites legally sell music, others are free, and, most of the time, illegal. If you're looking for a good way to download free music, use a program such as bittorrent. Just google it, download it from the site, and when looking for a "torrent" of a band/musician, put something rela ( Full Answer )

How do you download free music safely?

I have not heard of any kind of website that you can download music from for free that's not illegal. You'd be better off buying off iTunes or Amazon MP3 then get caught up in the law for downloading free music because its a federal law that you cannot as far as I know

Download free music to iTunes?

I use , if iTunes is your default music player on your computer then simply type in the song you would like on , (listen to it before you download to see if it is to your liking), and then download! You can download this by right clicking on the link that says "download", t ( Full Answer )

Where to get free safe music downloads?

If you go on google and type in the song name and then mediafire (example: shadow of the day mediafire or shadow of the day mediafire linkin park) it usually comes up and you can download it from mediafire. Sometimes you have to put the name of the group or artist and sometimes it isn't there.

What free music download websites are there?

Tubidy is a good one. But it can be quiet complicated so listen up on instructions on how to access it ( well this is for me on my mobile (( blackberry )) ) step1. get the internet up step2. go on google step3. type in "tubidy" in the search bar step4. click on the one that says Tubidy F ( Full Answer )

How do can download music from laptop to my mobile?

windows media player. download it to your laptop first then get your USB connector and connect your laptop to your mobile [or MP3 player] and synch the music.[download it to your mobile]. THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE ON WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER AS FAR AS I KNOW

How can you download free music to my computer?

Well, this is what I do. 1. Find a YouTube music video (I always do lyrics, but make sure it doesn't have an extra song at the end) 2. Copy the link 3. Go , , or any other similar site 4. Paste the link into the field where it says to put it (sometim ( Full Answer )

Is it dangerous to download free mobile software?

It can be dangerous to download from person to person sites because you can get viruses that will damage the performance of your mobile device. It is not recommended that you get free downloaded software unless its from a trusted site.

Is window 7 free to download?

No it isn't, you have to buy it or be given a valid product key and installation disc or else it's piracy. Never trust "free" with Windows operating systems

Where can you download free windows 7?

You can download Enterprise windows 7 version for free all other versions are illegal to download as they are not original but pirated.

How do you download music from you tube to your mobile?

Look up Youtube to Mp3 converter on Google or Bing. Then download the mp3 file it gives you and save it to your computer. Connect your mobile device, open up it's content folder and if your device, such as a phone, supports music, there should be a folder called music. Drag the mp3 file you saved ea ( Full Answer )

Where can you get free Windows Vista downloads?

Windows Vista downloads can be found on Microsoft's webpage where many software programs are available for free download. In order to access downloads one must have access to the internet.

Where can Windows Live for Mobile be downloaded from?

Windows Live for Mobile can be downloaded from the official microsoft website for free. In addition, there are several alternative links that users can download the app from such as CNET.

Where can one download free mobile applications?

Generally, the application stores of the relevant mobile devices will have free applications available - this might be the Android Marketplace or App Store. In addition, there are websites that recommend various free applications, such as Mobango or 1Mobile.

Where can free Windows drivers be downloaded?

Free driver downloads and updates if you no longer have the original disc that they came on can be found from any number of sites that offer dowloads. Both CNet and Microsoft are examples of sites that offer driver downloads and updates.

How do you download free Windows 8?

The short answer is - you can't ! Every copy of Windows softwaremust be paid for, whether that's buying an upgrade from the versionyou're already using - or a complete install disk. There are no legal free downloads of Windows software !

Where can one download free mobile software?

Each phone manufacturer provides free software to connect your mobile device to a computer. In addition online stores such as Google's Play and Apple's iTunes provide free mobile software as well.

Where can one download free mobile ringtones?

Mobile Heart, Zedge, Fly Soft, Myxer, My Tiny Phone, Phone Zoo, Free Ringtones, Audiko, Jet City Orange, Brinked, CNET Downloads, Ventones, and Mac Most all advertise free mobile ringtone downloads as the primary service offered.

Where can one download free mobile games?

There are many places where one can download free mobile games. One can download free mobile games from popular sources such as the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes store.