French or Spanish GCSE

Updated: 10/10/2023
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French seems to be the one preferred by employers to Spanish, but really it is just a question of which one you believe you will do best in.

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Q: French or Spanish GCSE
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What languages does Tyger Drew Honey speak?

English but he is taking Latin and Spanish and French for GCSE He said he is almost fluent in them now.

Do french students take GCSE's?

French students have the equivalent of the GCSEs.

Is it possible to get a grade B in GCSE Spanish after only learning it for 1 year?

It is certainly possible to get a grade B in GCSE Spanish after only learning it for 1 year. It may take work but it can definitely be done.

What has the author Alvaro Sotomayo written?

Alvaro Sotomayo has written: 'GCSE Spanish'

How do you say environment in Spanish?

Answer.I'm doing this topc currently in GCSE spanish. The term is ' El medio ambiente'Hope this helps :)

How many marks do you need to pass gcse french listening?


What year do high school children take GCSE french?

Most children take french GCSE in year 10 but in specialised language collages such as one in Stockport they take it in year 9 because they're clever.

What possible careers should I aim for I have been predicted an A at GCSE in English Maths Biology Chemistry Physics History French a B at GCSE in Business a C at GCSE in Drama?

vet nurse doctor fire fighter police

Can you get into university without gcse french?

So long as French is not essential to the course you are taking, yes. French is not a core subject. Except in France of course.

How were the french and Spanish explorers different?

French were from France, and Spanish were from Spain.

Can tyger drew honey speak french?

Yes and he is about to take his oral gcse test

How many GCSE's did Wayne Rooney pass?