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Yes.After Freiza got killed Cooler came and said his brother was Freiza

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Is freiza a dad on dbz?

Not that anyone knows of. But Toriyama's rumored new DBZ series may prove otherwise.

How do you get cooler in dbz ssw2?

Complete the frieza saga then you will get cooler

Who killed bardock in dbz?

freiza killed bardock using supernova thus destroying bardock and his home planet vegeta

Is cooler frieza's brother?

yes they are brothers because if you have dbz budokai tenkaichi there is a skill you can unlock called friezas older brother and when you fuse it with the hatred for saiyains skill you get cooler so that proves cooler is obviously friezas brother. Also they mention it briefly in the movie when cooler comes.

Dbz in Spanish?

dbz is a japan show \

How do you get mecha frieza in dbz budokai tenkaichi 2?

You go to item fusion and fuse Remodoling surgery with Freiza full power and you get Mechafreiza

Is Cooler In DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2?

Yes he is in 2

Are Goku and vegeta in dbz brothers?


What episode when Goku fight cooler?

goku doesn't fight cooler in an episode he fights cooler in the movie called dbz coolers revenge

How do you get cooler in dbz raging blast 2?

you beat friezas boss battle

Will there be a new Dragon Ball Z show?

there wont be any new series of dbz and dbz af is a fanmade aprils fool dbz

How do you beat Meta Cooler in DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi?

just beat his metal but with so blasts

What episode does Goku's mother appear?

There is no episode she died when freiza blew up planet vegeta Unless Fasha is his mother. In which case, the DBZ movie "Bardock: The Father of Goku" is when you see his mom.

Is cooler in dbz budokai tenkaichi 3?

need to fusion it is frieza,s elder brother+super transformation forms into cooler,s final form

What if Frieza from DBZ and Orochimaru from Naruto fused?

... you're pretty a bad way. freiza would never take the time to fuse with a child melester like orochimaru...come on man think...

Has bardock became a super saiyan?

he was about 2, when he was fighting with frieza Actually DBZ did a episode in japan recently called the Episode of Bardock where you see what has happened to Bardock after Freiza destroyed the planet and he does go super saiyan.

When does LEGO dbz come out?

There is no such thing as any type of Lego Dbz. It doesn't show up on Wikipedia so it's probably fake.

Will there be a sonic vs dbz show?

no one knows maybe in the the future

Which volumes of ANY of the dragon ball series have female nudity?

1. You are a weirdo looking for naked DBZ characters. 2. DBZ is a a Kid/Teen show so why the hell would anybody show nudity in them.

What are the rivals on DBZ budokai 3?

goku + vegeta,yamcha+ tien,cooler+frieza,super 17+cell,and majin buu+janemba

Is a sonic hedgehog cool?

super cool just not as cool as mario or goku from dbz No way sonic is cooler then goku but mario prob not

Will their be more dbz or gt?

there is a show call dragon ball z kai.

In What episode does goten show up?

Ep 201 in season 7 of dbz

Are DBZ and Sonic quite similar?

Yes, because of one reason.Sonic and another people on the show can go super and save the world from mean people so can DBZ

Is dbz over?

no, they are making dbz Kai and a dbz af in June