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Sulfates typically get their names from the elements sulfur and oxygen. Compounds with the suffix "-ate" typically are oxidized to the maximum extent. In this case, sulfur, which can make around four bonds, is fully oxidized by the four oxygen atoms that are bound to it.

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From what elements do the sulfates the their names?

Sulfates get their names from the element sulfur and, to a lesser degree, oxygen (hence the -ate).

What element do sulfates contain?

Sulfates contain sulfur and oxygen.

From what element do sulfates get their name?


What element is in all sulfides and sulfates?


What element does sulfates and sulfides contain?


Compare and contrast sulfates and sulfides?

they both are similar cause they have the element sulfur but sulfide is used in batteries and machines while sulfates are used in paste and makeup

Is cooper sulphate an element compound or mixture?

Copper sulfates are chemical compounds.

What mineral is in the sulfate and sulfide group?

Sulfates and sulfides are minerals that contain the element sulfur.

Where is sulfur located?

Sulfur exist as native element or as minerals containing sulfides or sulfates.

What element is used to make toothpaste?

To make toothpaste is sulfates Edit: Fluorine is the element most commonly associated with toothpaste. fluoride is an ion of fluorine.

Is sulfur in sulfates?

Yes. sulfates are SO42-

What element from the periodic table that is in an ordinary fertilizer?

Phosphorous! That's why there are no more sulfates in fertilizers because of environmental problems.

List ways that element can get their names?

list ways that element can get their names

Does the sulfates get their name from ca?

No. Sulfates get their name primarily from sulfur (S), not calcium.

How do sulfates affect the body?

Some people are greatly affected by sulfates. Sulfates can affect the body by causing swelling and serve headaches like migraines.

What are the properties of sulfates?

Sulfates such as anhydrite (CaSO4) are cmposed of elements with the sulfate compound SO4.

What are the names of the salts produced when sulphuric acid reacts with sodium hydroxide and copper oxide?

The salts of sulfuric acid are named sulfates.

How are salts in chemical reactions names?

The question is unclear. Salts are for ex. sulfates, chlorides, nitrates, iodides, stearates, bromides etc.

Which group of minerals all normally contain this metallic element in their compositions?

The Sulfates mineral group typically contains one or several metallic elements

True or false sulfates and sulfides are types of nonsilicate minerals?

True, if they are not sulfates or sulfides of Silicone.

When using sulfuric are you referring to sulfide or sulfates?

Sulfuric acid comprises of sulfates. Its formula is H2SO4.

How do sulfates function in the environment?

Sulfates of sodium, potassium and magnesium are all water-soluble, while the sulfates of calcium, barium and heavy metals are not. Dissolved sulfates can be reduced to sulfides, which volatilize into the air as hydrogen sulfide, or are precipitated as an insoluble salt or incorporated into vivants.

Which alcoholic drinks contain the least amounts of sulfates?

Alcohol that has been distilled should have the lowest amount of sulfates (in fact none if nothing else is added). Examples include vodka, gin, and scotch. Beer and wine will have the highest levels of sulfates as sulfates are a byproduct of the fermentation process.

Do klonipin contain sulfates?


Are the sulfates contained in most wines harmfull at all?

No, typically the sulfates are not harmful in wine and are found naturally in fruit such as grapes. However, if a person has an allergy to sulfates, they should avoid wines or other products with them.