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Try or you only have a 10mb daily limit. but there is lots of theme songs, old and new.

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Q: From what website can you download DX and TNA theme songs?
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Where can you download full TNA theme songs other than

You can download TNA theme songs on iTunes.

What is TNA's New Theme Song?

TNA's new 2010 theme tune is called Change Me and is just by TNA insiders. You can download it on itunes

Where can you download Curt Hennigs TNA Theme?

You tube

What is Bobby Lashley's TNA theme song called?

Bobby Lashley has had 2 theme songs in Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA) called "The Boss," and "Domination."

Where can you download TNA entrance music songs on to the PSP?

lime wire

Where to download TNA fortune theme song?

You can download it off of youtube by using the youtube to mp3 converter.

Where can you download TNA entrance music songs?

Where To Find TNA Entrance musicTNA's website or if you type in what you're looking for on Youtube, you can easily find videos of the songs you want with safe download links. A suggestion to type in would be: TNATrax. You'll find this one guy who only does TNA themes. If you visit the TNA website, it shows a picture of Christy Hemme and Kurt Angle and say 'TNA is now on iTunes. So click on that, and it'll take you to iTunes, and you will be able to buy TNA entrance themes from your favorite TNA Superstars & Knockouts.On iTunes you'll be able to download the latest official TNA CD's and tracks for 79p in the United Kingdom if you've got an iPod

What did Jeff hardy call his tna theme?

Jeff Hardy has two TNA themes his first, face theme was "Modest". Jeff's secound theme, heel theme is "Another Me (Remix)". both songs are by his band Peroxwhy?gen.

Where can you download TNA wrestling entrance themes?

go to chumbloviasly Here is a sure shot way of getting the TNA entrance themes. Just go to the TNA website, i.e. and then roster. Click on the popup media player and then let the songs play. They will stream. After that simply head to the temporary internet files folder and do a search on *.mp3 and you will see all of the files downloaded to your system. This is a problem with the player the people at TNA use, so it might be fixed soon :) ciao! You can download TNA entrance themes at Go to Multimedia then click on TNA themes. It's a great website I just got Team 3Ds NEW theme.

Where can you simply and easily download Apollo's TNA theme song?

AnswerFrom a TNA fan to listen Apolo's TNA theme go to

Who sings the theme song come to life?

The same person who sings all TNA songs and composes all songs Dale Oliver

Who sings Marcus cor von's tna and wwe theme songs?

His two ring music songs are Down with the sickness by disturbed.I don't know if this is his tna one. I know though that the wwe is Smooth by Jim Johnston.

Where can you get Team Mexico's 2004 TNA theme song?

Only place where you can download such songs would be from a third party P2P program, although I don't condem such uses. Examples would be from LimeWire, Kazaa, etc.

What is Suicide's TNA theme song?

His TNA theme song was "Coming Alive" by Dale Oliver.

What is shannon moore's tna theme?

He has an TNA theme song but it is just a beat there are no lyrics or a title

Who sings pacman Jones theme song for tna? go there and you can download it.

What is the wrestling music genre?

The type of music wrestlers use as their entrance theme songs on their way to the ring such as in WWE or TNA

What is Jeff hardy themes?

Jeff Hardy has has many themesongs. When he left the WWE in 2009, his theme was 'No More Words' by Endeverafter. In TNA Wrestling, he's had theme's called, 'Modest', 'Another Me', and 'Resurrected' all by Peroxwhygen which is Hardy's band. He sings his own vocals on all of his TNA theme songs.

Where can you download TNA for free?

You can download TNA for free on Limewire which is a program that you can download off the internet. Just go to

What is the name of ravens tna theme?

ravens tna theme is called scream he also had one called offspring

In tna what is lax theme song?

it is called hardcore and it is by tna musik.

Where can you simply and easily download Christian cage's tna theme song?

you can download it by going on and there will be a list and u just have to choose Christians

What is Taylor Wildes theme songs name from TNA impact?

"Spirit (Remix)" by Dale Oliver (TNA)"I'm Everything (Remix)" by Dale Oliver (TNA; used while teaming with Sarita)

What website to play tna the game for free?


Who sings Rob Van Dam's TNA theme song?

Rob Van Dam's TNA theme song is sung by Kushinator.