Polar Bears

From where did polar bears come?

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Where polar bears names come from?

They are named that because thay are bears that live in polar climates. :)

Do polar bears come from the Antarctic?


What pole do polar bears come from?

Polar bears live only at the North Pole, or, more correctly, in the Arctic.

What colors are polar bears?

Polar Bears are white but can come across as a creamy colour.

Where are polar bodies found?

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Can polar bears breath under water?

No, polar bears have lungs just like humans and other mammals. Polar bears can hold their breath for several minutes at a time, but they have to come up to breath frequently.

To what are polar bears related?

polar bears are related to bears.

Do polar bears come from the North Pole?

No, but they do live NEAR it.

Who saves polar bears?

Polar bears do.

What breeds of polar bears are there?

There are no 'breeds' of polar bears. Polar bears are one species of bear.

How do the male polar bears and female polar bears make baby polar bears?

They reproduce.

What is a group of bears called?

The collective nouns for a group of bears are a pack of bears, a maul of bears, a sleuth of bears, or a sloth of bears. The collective nouns group of polar bears are a celebration of polar bears, an aurora of polar bears, a pack of polar bears.

From where do white bears come?

Polar bears are found in the Arctic while Kermode bears are found in western Canada.

Why do polar bears eat polar bears?

Polar bears are very aggressive to other bears and can consider their young to be competition.

Are polar and panda bears really bears?

Polar bears and pandas are actually bears.

Can polar bears eat you?

Polar bears would attack and kill you but they won't eat you the only things like fish and stuff!Answer:Polar bears are the apex carnivore in the arctic. They will eat anything that they come across. This includes humans.

What are some differences of male and female polar bears?

Male Polar Bears are bigger than Female Polar Bears. and Female Polar Bears can have Babies.

Do polar bears grow fast?

POLAR BEARS Polar bears actually grow pretty fast.

Will black bears eat polar bears?

Happily for black bears, they do not live where polar bears do. They would be no match for a polar bear.

What do polar bears eat in minecraft?

Polar bears don't eat anything. You can lead them around with lead. If provoked, all polar bears in the area will come and attack you. Polar bears can swim in water faster than your character can.

Are there purple polar bears?

No. There are white Polar Bears.

Are polar bears parasites?

No polar bears are not parasites.

What tpyes are polar bears?

Polar bears are mammals.

Is polar bear a bear?

Polar bears are bears

What are the polar bears predotors?

humans are polar bears

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