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Front wheel pops when you turn?

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probably the a fram

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Noise from left front wheel when turn right?

Worn left front wheel bearing.

Why front wheel of tractor will wear out faster than its rear wheel?

When you turn the front wheels, they skid sideways as they turn. The skidding wears rubber off the tire.

Do lamborghinis have trunks?

Well not exactly, the engine is in the back but the front pops up for minimal space and a spare wheel.

Where is the battery in a 1996 chrysler cirrus LXI?

in front of the left front wheel under the wheel well , it is easy to remove the wheel well , just turn the tabs.

Left Front wheel knocking noise when turn right?

Worn front axle and/or front end component.

To get out of a skid?

If its a front wheel drive car , you automatically push the accelerator but not to hard and turn into it not with it. A 4 wheel drive car you turn into it and press the accelerator and finally rear wheel drive you let go of the accelerator and turn into it

What way will the wheel turn if the right front tire blows out?

which way do you want it to turn? Well the wheel won't turn, the car will just tip over and you might crash and die. :-(

01 kia 4 wheel drive does not work?

when put in 4 wheel the front wheels dont turn

How does the airbag come off the steering wheel?

Looks like the center piece of the steering wheel pops out and the air bag pops.

What are the symptoms of a bad wheel bearing on Honda odessey?

You will hear a grinding noise. Driving down the road turn the steering wheel sharply to the left and if the noise goes away the left front wheel bearing is bad. Turn the wheel sharply to the right and if the noise goes away the right front wheel bearing is bad. Be careful and do not turn the wheel too sharply or you may loose control. Or you can simply jack up the front wheels and spin them with your hand. You can easily hear a bad bearing.

What is a steering wheel?

A steering wheel is the wheel that is in front of the driver of a car. It is held in the hands and is used to turn the wheels to control the direction of the car is going.

How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 1995 Saturn SC2?

Open the hood it pops into the backside of the lens.

What is the thud when you turn wheel?

If it is a front wheel drive sometimes a bad cv joint can cause a popping sound when you are turning.

Your renalt clio 1.2 makes a knocking noise from the front left wheel when you turn?

needs new wheel bearings

How do you remove a burned out fog light bulb on a Jeep Liberty?

There is a square access panel in wheel well in front of front tires. it pops off. bulb should twist and come out

How do you Replace front turn signal bulb on 2004 Savana?

the whole yellow turn assembley is on rubber grommets start on the outside it pops out the inside slides into a grommet

When you turn the steering wheel you hear a clicking noise?

sounds like a front wheel drive with bad cv joints, which are your drive shafts going to both front wheels.

Can a front wheel drive engine be converted into a rear wheel engine?

This is highly doubtful the entier vehilce is design to turn the front wheels. Teh unibody or frame the transaxles the drive shafts engine compartment are built / engineered to be front wheel drive.

What is Clunking noise front end of ford focus?

When you turn the wheel, or while you drive?

What are the handle bars for ona bicycle?

To turn the front wheel to determine the direction of travel.

If you have front wheel drive do you turn into a slide on ice?

if you have a front wheel drive and u spin out while accelerating.... let off the accelerator. but u pretty much always turn into the way ur rear end slides if that occurs

Why dos my 2003 excursion 4x4 left front wheel make a clicking noise when i turn?

Sounds like a wheel bearing to me.

Have a roaring noise in the front end. It's louder when you turn the wheels to the right. Could it be wheel bearing or the four wheel drive?

This sounds like a wheel bearing issue. Raise the front wheels and turn them by hand. They should turn smoothly with no hint of a vibration unless the bearing is bad. Also check for play in the bearing by rocking the wheel in/out at the top/bottom.

Squeal from left front wheel not brake related?

high pitched squeal from left front wheel does not stop when I apply the brakes. It will stop when I turn the steering wheel even a little bit but returns when I straighten out again

Front end of your Chevy makes a noise only when you turn right?

Your left front wheel bearing may be defective. When you turn right you put more weight on the left front wheel. It can also be a problem with your brakes. May be you brake pads are worn out. You need to inspect all this.