01 kia 4 wheel drive does not work?

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when put in 4 wheel the front wheels dont turn
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How Do you fix a Kia Sportage 4 wheel drive 1997?

Answer . buy a manual lock out hub kit from an online source - not Kia made because they cost so much but you can find one online througha google search. The problem with

Why doesnt my 4 wheel drive work in my 2000 Kia sportage?

Although you have a manual shift on the transfer case the hubs lock in on vacuum. Chances are you have bad vacuum lines going to the hubs (about $150+ at a Kia dealer or $40 a

4 wheel drive doesn't work?

You'll have to be more specific about your 4 wheel drive: What doesn't work? Will it start up? Does it drive properly? Explain yourself.

How does an 4 wheel drive actuator work?

It is a solenoid that engages the front axle. The driver side axle is always engaged, the actuator engages the passenger side axle through a fork locking in the front axle. Wh

Why does your steering judder in 4 wheel drive - Kia Sportage?

are you driving on a smooth road ? some of the 4 x4 will shudder on even pavement. Remember 4 x4 driving assumes your on rough or uneven surfaces. But just to be safe have it
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How does 4 HI 4 wheel drive work?

transfer case behind main transmission engages either manually through a lever selected by driver or electrically by switch pressed by driver to a gear set that will transfe
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How does the rav4 4 wheel drive work?

a RAV 4 that has the awd only cruses in fwd but if there is little traction (wheel spin, slip) then the rear wheels will receive torque from the transmission and thus making
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Why does the 4 wheel drive not work when put in 4wheel drive on 1999 Kia sportage?

Normal reason for this common problem is rubber vacuum pipe failure. Pipe is located behind frot wheels. Do not buy Kia replacement pipes as their replacement pipes are both t