01 kia 4 wheel drive does not work?

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when put in 4 wheel the front wheels dont turn
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How do you remove the brake rotors on a 2002 Kia Sportage 4 wheel drive vehicle?

hello, to remove the brake rotors on a 2001, 1. jack and remove wheels; 2. there are two large bolts that hold the entire brake caliper on; on a 2001 they are 19mm. Get a cheater bar on it because they are well-torqued. 3. step #2 will allow you to remove the caliper assembly and tie it out of the w ( Full Answer )

Does anyone know what type of transmission fluid a 1997 Automatic 4 wheel drive Kia Sportage uses PLEASE HELP?

According to the service manual that is downloadable and printable from, http://www.kiatechinfo.com/index.asp ...the first generation Sportage transmission takes Dexron II E or MIII transmission fluid. This is true for the automatic transmission only. It holds 7 quarts when bone dry. I've a ( Full Answer )

Your 4 wheel drive does not work and the light does not go on why is this?

Possible loss of vacuum in front hubs . Most 4WD vehicles use automatically locking hubs. By engaging 4WD, a vacuum is formed in the front wheel hubs causing them to lock up into the front differential/transaxle so they can receive power through the transmission. If the seals are leaking, then th ( Full Answer )

How do lock out hubs on a 4 wheel drive work?

lock out hubs . \nThe hubs lock the axel to the hub, which drives the wheel.\n. \nWith the transfer case in 2WD, the rear driveshaft drives the rear wheels. Without front hubs, in 2WD, as the front tires roll, they spin the axles and the front driveshaft. \n. \nWith lock out hubs, in 2WD and ( Full Answer )

How Do you fix a Kia Sportage 4 wheel drive 1997?

Answer . buy a manual lock out hub kit from an online source - not Kia made because they cost so much but you can find one online througha google search. The problem with 1996-2000 Kia's is that the vaccuum seal for the 4x4 lasts for only a minute - go to a lock out system and you will never hav ( Full Answer )

Why doesnt my 4 wheel drive work in my 2000 Kia sportage?

Although you have a manual shift on the transfer case the hubs lock in on vacuum. Chances are you have bad vacuum lines going to the hubs (about $150+ at a Kia dealer or $40 at your local service station). If not the lines, it will be the seals in the hubs.

2003 tracker 4 wheel drive wont work?

There are several things that can cause your 2003 Geo Trackerfour-wheel-drive not to work. The first thing you should check isthe ground wire on the switch.

Will a 2 wheel drive transmission work in a 4 wheel drive truck?

Doubtful, as it must connect to the transfer case that is used in lots of FWD vehicles. NEW ANSWER: No it will not.. The center shaft that runs through the center of the transmission is shorter then a 4-wheel drive transmission because there is no transfur case on a 2-wheel drive transmission.

4 wheel drive doesn't work?

You'll have to be more specific about your 4 wheel drive: What doesn't work? Will it start up? Does it drive properly? Explain yourself.

2001 kia sportage wont go into 4 wheel drive?

My Sportage did this about once a year, every year. I thought about getting locking hubs but after I took it to the dealer to repair it a couple times, the problem was always the air hoses that go to the back of the front wheels. They would both crack and break at each end of the hose. The next ti ( Full Answer )

Why won't my 4 wheel drive engage on my 99 KIA Sportage?

This is one of the worst four wheel drive systems out there.Chances are the seals on the hubs are bad along with the wheel bearings.The best thing you can do if it is made is to get manual lockouts.

Why won't the 4 wheel drive engage on my 2000 kia sportage?

The 4wd is vacuum actuated. Check the vacuum lines and the switch (located on the driver's side of the engine compartment on the 1999). I've also heard the grease that allows the 4wd clutch to engage can gel up as it gets older. Otherwise, you may have to replace the hubs with manual ones.

4 wheel drive in 99 s 10 not working?

A likely cause is that the front vacuum line is disconnected. My truck would lose 4x4 in mud or snow because the vacuum line pulled loose. Not a real handy feature for a 4x4.

Why won't 4 wheel drive won't engage on 2002 kia sportage?

My Sportage is a 2001 model but I also had trouble initially getting it into 4wd. The trick is to shift it when the clutch is engaged and you are moving. It goes easily from 2wd to 4wd and back again like this, but if you try to shift it while stopped and with the clutch pedal depressed, it won't go ( Full Answer )

2002 Kia Sportage 4 wheel drive water pump location?

The water pump is located behind the timing belt at the front of the engine. To gain access, first drain the rad, remove the fan shroud, fan, rad hoses, accessory belts, timing belt cover (two pieces) and finally the timing belt. Not a really difficult job but time consuming. Plan on 3 to 5 hours, e ( Full Answer )

Where are the vacuum lines for 4 wheel drive on a 99 KIA Sportage?

Inside the front wheel well on either side you will notice a metal tube protruding just behind/ below the strut. That is the chasis side of the 4x4 vaccum line. The other side is locted on the inside of the axle/hub. You will need to feel around for it. You can pick up a piece of vaccum hose from yo ( Full Answer )

How does the 4 wheel drive work?

The engine turns the transmission which then turns the transfer case which then provides power to all 4 wheels

What are the steps to put a 01 grand Cherokee into 4 wheel drive?

SelecTrac Step one: move the selector into desired 4WD mode, either Part Time or Full Time at any vehicle speed Step two: keep driving for 4Lo: Step one: slow the truck down to about 2-3mph Step two: move the tranmission (P, R, N, 2, 1) into neutral Step three: move the transfer case (2 ( Full Answer )

What can you check on 4 wheel drive when the hi side willnot work?

this was my same question about a week ago and i checked the vac hoses and they wernt connected... also check the switch and wiring and then there is a encodor switch on the transfer case and if still all fails its time for a new transfercase

How does an 4 wheel drive actuator work?

It is a solenoid that engages the front axle. The driver side axle is always engaged, the actuator engages the passenger side axle through a fork locking in the front axle. When you engage 4x4 in the truck, a switch on the transfer case allows power to the actuator. The newer actuators are all elect ( Full Answer )

Why does your steering judder in 4 wheel drive - Kia Sportage?

are you driving on a smooth road ? some of the 4 x4 will shudder on even pavement. Remember 4 x4 driving assumes your on rough or uneven surfaces. But just to be safe have it checked at a transmission service center.It is slightly possible a driveshaft joint has dried out causing this but is is rare ( Full Answer )

How does 4 HI 4 wheel drive work?

transfer case behind main transmission engages either manually through a lever selected by driver or electrically by switch pressed by driver to a gear set that will transfer torque to both the front and rear drive shafts equally splitting power between the two. front axle engagement can be either ( Full Answer )

How does the rav4 4 wheel drive work?

a RAV 4 that has the awd only cruses in fwd but if there is little traction (wheel spin, slip) then the rear wheels will receive torque from the transmission and thus making it awd, this system gives you awd when you need it but fwd when you need mpg

Why does the 4 wheel drive not work when put in 4wheel drive on 1999 Kia sportage?

Normal reason for this common problem is rubber vacuum pipe failure. Pipe is located behind frot wheels. Do not buy Kia replacement pipes as their replacement pipes are both too short and too expensive. They cost approx. £32 a pair and will fail again quite soon. Instead replace with 25" of heavy ( Full Answer )