01 Cherokee makes a thunk thunk thunk noise as you drive it happens in 2and 4 wheel drive its not the cv joints?

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Possibly the wheel bearings
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What would cause a thunking noise in your car when you turn?

If the noise is only when you turn or accelerate hard it is most likely a half shaft joint has gone bad. To check, lift the front of the car and place it on jack stands. Reac

Your 2002 clk430 cabriolet makes a thunk-grinding noise under the driver seat when you drive over a bump on the diagonal what is it?

I had the exact same problem with my 2002 CLK430 cabriolet. Everything seemed fine 99% of the time, but when I drove over and uneven surface diagonally--- like pulling into a

Are cv joints turning on a 4 wheel drive but in 2 wheel drive?

The Answer is Yes! The CV joints are connected to each of the front axles! (some SUVs and 4wd or AWD vehicles also have rear CV joints as they have rear axle shafts). These jo

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