01 Cherokee makes a thunk thunk thunk noise as you drive it happens in 2and 4 wheel drive its not the cv joints?

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Possibly the wheel bearings
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What makes a constant grinding noise while driving on the drivers side coming from up past the CV joint on a 99 Alero?

check for worn out brakes check the wheel bearing - if it's a constant grinding noise, it is probably the bearing. New ones cost around $100 or so from an auto parts store. You can change it yourself if you have some skill, and you can actually do the change without removing the whole spindle assemb (MORE)

How do you get a 1990 Jeep Cherokee out 4 wheel drive?

\n How to get a Jeep Cherokee out of 4WD \n. \n. \nThere is a lever just to the right of the driver's seat left of the e-brake/shifter. You have to move the lever to the right and up to get it out of 4 wheel drive.

1990 jeep Cherokee will not shift into 4 wheel drive?

its either vacuum hoses . the jeep has a fork that engages the 4 wheel drive system . that could be broke . it is located on passenger side of axle it will have three hoses going to it . 4 bolts hold the part on.

How do you engage 4 wheel drive on a 1991 jeep Cherokee?

This is done by putting the vehicle in Park first. I have actually done it in two different ways and both work. One is in park and then pulling up the lever for the 4-wheel drive to 4H. After that I put the vehicle into drive and then I let is role a little until I see the light for PART TIME comeon (MORE)

How do you engage the 4 wheel drive on a 1993 jeep Cherokee?

if you have to ask this then I would have to guess that your Cherokee is NOT a 4wd model...otherwise the 4wd SHIFTER right beside the regular shifter would be a very obvious clueon how to do this. If what you mean is exactly how and "when can you" then you can engage 4hi at any time moving or stoppe (MORE)

What noise does a cv joint make when bad?

CV joints make loud clicking noises when the steering wheel is turned while vehicle is moving (usually when accelerating). If you put off replacing them for too long, the bearings will fall out and you will have to pay a tow truck to tow the vehicle. The bearings are marble sized and fit inside the (MORE)

How do you shift 2000 Jeep Cherokee into 4 wheel drive?

Just shift your Jeep into "Neutral" and then move the 4WD lever into place; you should hear it drop into 4WD... Then just put your Jeep into gear.. As a heads up, when in "LOW", taking corners too sharp, you may hear a knocking sound......don't worry, that's normal from what I've been told by sever (MORE)

When you make a turn it makes a loud thunk coming from the rear end its an 89 Ford Bronco guessing bearing but not sure any ideas?

Three things come to mind. U-joint,axel bearings, and differential spider gear.. Probably not u-joint as turning would be no factor to vary the noise. Possible axel bearings but if they are that bad they should be making noise such as a groweling sound all the time.. With your description of the t (MORE)

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What would cause a thunking noise in your car when you turn?

If the noise is only when you turn or accelerate hard it is most likely a half shaft joint has gone bad. To check, lift the front of the car and place it on jack stands. Reach up and grab the center shaft and push and pull on it (side to side motion). There should only be marginal side to side pla (MORE)

Your 2002 clk430 cabriolet makes a thunk-grinding noise under the driver seat when you drive over a bump on the diagonal what is it?

I had the exact same problem with my 2002 CLK430 cabriolet. Everything seemed fine 99% of the time, but when I drove over and uneven surface diagonally--- like pulling into a gas station on a slightly higher grade than the road --- I could hear a distinct THUNK from under the car. Mine sounded like (MORE)

Are cv joints turning on a 4 wheel drive but in 2 wheel drive?

The Answer is Yes! The CV joints are connected to each of the front axles! (some SUVs and 4wd or AWD vehicles also have rear CV joints as they have rear axle shafts). These joints exist to allow each axle to pivot along with either the vehicles suspension and/or its steering axis. Each Axle has 2 CV (MORE)

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What are the steps to put a 01 grand Cherokee into 4 wheel drive?

SelecTrac Step one: move the selector into desired 4WD mode, either Part Time or Full Time at any vehicle speed Step two: keep driving for 4Lo: Step one: slow the truck down to about 2-3mph Step two: move the tranmission (P, R, N, 2, 1) into neutral Step three: move the transfer case (2 (MORE)

Why does your wheel make constant noise when driving?

Your wheel isn't supposed to make noise, so you are ether low on brake fluid or you'll need new brake pad's, its recommended to get your vehicle checked as soon as possible. What type of noise? A scraping could be the dust shield on the brakes rubbing the rotor. The mud guard may have come loose a (MORE)

How long can you drive with bad CV joints?

Impossible to answer, too many variables. If it has just started clicking when going around corners, you could probably get another 6 months. A big factor is where you are driving. The joint went bad because the rubber boot split and let the grease out and dirt in. If you are on gravel roads much, m (MORE)

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What makes a jeep grand Cherokee make a cracking noise when you cut the wheels all the way and drive?

You are probably in Part Time (4 wheel drive). Mine does make noise (tires cupping and tugging on steering wheel) when it is in PT. I have a 95 with Select Trac and the vehicle info center tells me that it is in Part Time even when I have shifted it back to 2 WD. It shows all 4 tires engaged also (MORE)

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How do you make all wheel drive into a 4 wheel drive?

Depends on what your vehicle is. On something like an OldsmobileBravada - which uses a transfer case - you simply replace it withan NP231 transfer case. For something like a Subaru, which uses adifferential attached to the transmission, it gets much morecomplicated, and would ultimately require eith (MORE)