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01 Cherokee makes a thunk thunk thunk noise as you drive it happens in 2and 4 wheel drive its not the cv joints?


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Possibly the wheel bearings


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You did not say what year it was, and that makes a difference. But you can check these things--- U-joints in front drive shaft, Front CV joints and axel shafts.

Rear wheel drive: Possibly a worn universal joint on the drive shaft. Front wheel drive: possibly worn CV joints on the front drive shafts.

The Jeep Cherokee is made by Fiat Chrysler

My 2000 Jeep Cherokee makes a clunking noise from the front. I just had 2 bad ball joints replaced but it still makes the noise. I asked about boots but was told I do not have boots on mine. I asked about the swaybar link. They asked me if my jeep makes the noise driving over bumps and it doesn't. I am at a lose. They are going to look at it and see if they can figure it out. Can you help me with this.

What makes it move is the brain, muscles, and joints

sounds like you need to replace the U-Joints in the drive shaft

The company that makes the Grand Cherokee is the American company Chrysler, they produce it under the JEEP division. They have been making the Grand Cherokee since 1983.

The main function of a joint is to create MOVEMENT. Joints makes movement of the bone possible.

If you mean the joints in the body, it is the amount of movement that makes them different.

Assuming it is front wheel or 4 wheel drive, it is worn CV or Constant Velocity Joints. :o)

Calcium makes them strong and they are flexible only at the joints.

Dry ball joints/suspension joints. Universal joints going bad. Worn brake pad "squealers".

joints, ligaments, cartilage

The drive shaft universal joint is the most likely culprit. I'd suggest changing both the front and back joints.

It's a Chrysler product

The noise may be the drive Cain in the 4 wheel drive transfer case . It stretches with age and can hit againt the transfer case sides .Makes a rattling sound . Most noticed will stopped ib gear .

If you mean what keeps joints firm with bones and muscles....then it makes sense, there are no joints that help joints...Tissue connects bones to the joints which connects bones. almost as if you were to connect bricks by using cement. In this case, the tissue would be the cement...i hope this sorta hdelped ish

Typical U-Joint noise. Makes noise in reverse but not in drive. Check both front and rear U-joints of the drive shaft. If one is bad replace both. You do not want to go through R&R of the drive shaft twice.

You did not give the year / info on this unit. If this is a rear wheel drive unit I would take a look at the universal joints... If it is a front wheel car, look at the CV joints (front axle u joints)

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