01 Cherokee Classic 4x4 65000 miles makes a grinding noise in D drive when stopped at a light and seems to come from back passenger side exhaust No problem in neutral and only happens when stopped?

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Check the rear drums, make sure nothing is broken in there, I was having the same problem and that's what it was...
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When you come to a stop light in your 1984 GMC truck with a 350 the right side exhaust smokes for about 30 seconds what can be wrong?

\n Answer \n. \nThe oil return holes in the head are probably blocked with sludge.The oil goes 2 the front valves & is sucked into the combustion chamber via worn valve stem seals.\n. \n. \nMost likely it's worn valve seals and valve guides. If your oil returns were blocked, then you would h ( Full Answer )

What makes a constant grinding noise while driving on the drivers side coming from up past the CV joint on a 99 Alero?

check for worn out brakes check the wheel bearing - if it's a constant grinding noise, it is probably the bearing. New ones cost around $100 or so from an auto parts store. You can change it yourself if you have some skill, and you can actually do the change without removing the whole spindle assemb ( Full Answer )

Why does the driver side window only go down approximately half an inch then stop but the passenger side is problem free on a 1996 Sunfire GT?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nthe drivers window gets used the most and usually the switch needs replacing but once in a while the motor is bad.\n. \n another answer \n. \nYou don't say if the window will eventually go all the way down or not, or if you have the same problem with\nit going back ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you accelerate from a dead stop and the car makes a grinding noise for a couple of seconds?

Answer . It sounds to me like you might have a brake shoe dragging. Try coasting to a stop and then accelerate and see if the noise is still there. The noise could be from a front shoe that is hanging up when pressure is applied to stop the car. It could be caused by a bad caliper piston or warpe ( Full Answer )

You have a clattering noise on the back of your 1997gl vw golf no one seems to know what the problem is can you help It comes for the rear left passenger side and only happens when you go over road hu?

Answer . I had the same problem and at first it was the heat sheild/took some twist ties and pinned it back up. After a while I checked with the VW dealer for the pins...not that expensive. Now we have bad wheel bearings in the back side which causes a clunking noise when going around corners...l ( Full Answer )

97 astro van 2 rear drive rear end grinding noise on passenger side please help?

2WD Astro Van�s have load problems with their rear differentials. The �Grinding Noise� is a bearing of some type. Axle bearings can be replaced with a moderate to advanced skill set. However any other bearing, pinion, or carrier, require professional tools and a shop press; such an op ( Full Answer )

Four wheel drive 98 Chevy blazer it makes a whinding noise that comes from the right front wheel and when you put the drive in four wheel the noise stops could this be a bearing problem?


What would cause the transmission to make noise shifting from first to second It sounds like gears grinding After it shifts it stops making noise and drives fine?

Answer . If a transmission is in proper working order, it should never make noise. If your transmission is making noise get it to Certified Transmission as soon as you can. The longer you drive the vehicle, the more extensive the damage you're likely to impose upon your transmission. Bring it to ( Full Answer )

Why does a 1992 Buick Regal automatic slip into neutral when coming to a full stop and require several seconds to shift back into drive?

Answer . Probably a worn hydraulic pump, bad internal seals or possibly a plugged transmission filter. Any of these conditions can cause low hydraulic pressure to the clutches. When the engine speed slows, the pump also turns slower, allowing the pressure to drop a little, especially if there ar ( Full Answer )

When you drive slow your car makes this high pitched squeaking noise and then when you are at a stop light it makes a grinding sound But when you drive faster the squeaking goes away?

Answer . The high pitched squeaking noise you are hearing is the warning device telling you your brake pads are worn out and need replacing. The grinding sound is the sound you hear when you ignore the squeaking noise and allow your brake pads to wear so much that the metal backing of the pad is ( Full Answer )

When you set the alarm on your 2000 firebird the lights flip up and down then it makes a loud grinding noise for a few seconds then stops why does it do that?

First check to see if the head lights do that when you just use them and not when your setting the alarm .. if its not the head lights i have no idea .. even if it doesnt do it when you use the head lights alone still check the track they are on i know my head lights wouldn't work because the back p ( Full Answer )

Clicking noise which occurs when you are driving it seems to come from the front passenger side and it is audible only on the inside of the car 2002 passat diesel anyone got any ideas?

possibly coming from the electronic unit in the passenger footwell, below the seat, this controls the central locking, interior lights etc. another possible cause is the clutch. does it only occur at a certain speed or rpm. the flywheel when worn can create a whine noise. if it is this it is best re ( Full Answer )

There is a grinding noise in the back end of my 2001 blazer. It stops when you apply the brakes and now you have to come to a complte stop. Have had new brakes and shocks - now what?

I don't know specifically what the problem could be but you can jack up the rear end until the wheels are off of the ground then rotate the wheels back and forth to see if you can reproduce the noise and check to see if there is any movement up and down or in and out of each wheel indicating bearing ( Full Answer )

How can you make flashbacks stop coming back?

You can't. But what you can do is try and keep busy and not be too concerned about them because the more fear you put behind the thoughts that they won't go away, the more vivid they will become and alarming they will be. The less you worry about a normal brain's reaction to a fearful event, the qui ( Full Answer )

What causes a grinding noise when you accelerate It happens only in lower gears when you accelerate from a stop At cruising speeds like on the highway it's fine It's a 2000 Nissan Frontier?

It might be your synchro's in your transmission. I have the problem with my 2001. The problem usually arises when accelerating hard and then shifting quickly. try speeding up, pushing in the clutch and let the rpm's drop a bit, and then shift. I haven't pulled my tranny yet, but my mechanic is prett ( Full Answer )

Why does your 1998 Ford Windstar make a noise when you come to a stop?

may be abs brakes sensor....to disable on 1998 pull 15 amp fuse #30 abs and brake light will stay on but it will disable abs system. cruise will also not work. Sounds like the brake material has worn away, which is normal. If you're one who does your own repairs, the "Related Questions" below w ( Full Answer )

What making a nasty grinding noise in my front end in my dodge While I'm driving if i hit a bump or dip in the road it sets off a nasty gringing noise. If I stop it goes away but comes back. Help.?

It could be the disc brake covers on the inside of the rotor. One of mine was knocked up against the rotor and made a grindingand rattling sound that got better as I went faster. Worth a look because it's an easy fix if that is the problem!. It could also be bad wheel bearings. Does it stop or chan ( Full Answer )

When driving there is grinding noise but when i put mu put my foot on the brakes it stops?

You (most likely) threw a pad, as in the brake 'pad' has separated from the metal plate it sits on that keeps it in it's proper place inside the brake caliper. When your foot's not on the brake pedal there's minimal pressure applied by the caliper by the brake system and that small, constant 'push' ( Full Answer )

When I drive and I stop any stop light why does my car make a loud noise like whistling?

This could be due to a number of reasons. Your best course of action is to get it examined by a mechanic. . Your brake pads could be worn down. This can cause a whistling or crunching/grinding noise. Driving with defective brake pads is illegal. . A vacuum leak. When you slow down particularly ( Full Answer )