01 Cherokee Classic 4x4 65000 miles makes a grinding noise in D drive when stopped at a light and seems to come from back passenger side exhaust No problem in neutral and only happens when stopped?

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Check the rear drums, make sure nothing is broken in there, I was having the same problem and that's what it was...
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Clicking noise which occurs when you are driving it seems to come from the front passenger side and it is audible only on the inside of the car 2002 passat diesel anyone got any ideas?

possibly coming from the electronic unit in the passenger footwell, below the seat, this controls the central locking, interior lights etc. another possible cause is the clutc

What making a nasty grinding noise in my front end in my dodge While I'm driving if i hit a bump or dip in the road it sets off a nasty gringing noise. If I stop it goes away but comes back. Help.?

It could be the disc brake covers on the inside of the rotor. One of mine was knocked up against the rotor and made a grindingand rattling sound that got better as I went fast