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fuel pump is bad

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Why does every thingis drop down towards ground?

"things" or precipitation (rain), drops toward the ground because of the gravity force pushing it downward.

Why does the water pressure go down with a dirty pool?

As the filter gets clogged it restricts the flow of water and the pressure in the return line drops. The pressure gauge on the filter itself indicates the entry pressure and that will go higher as the filter becomes clogged. Don't ever allow the pressure to reach 40 PSI. Back-washing the filter should restore the pressures. Pool Masters

97 chevy van idles but dies when accelerating?

check fuel pressure while accelerating if it drops replace fuel filter. these filter are small and clog fast if there is more then 20k miles on filter its clogged. if pressure check for codes and go from there

no just drops right into the middle (hole) of your filter.?

no just drops right into the middle (hole) of your filter.

When the barometer drops what does air pressure do?


What happen to the pressure in an automobile tire in cold weather?

Pressure drops when the temperature drops.

What happens to the temperature when air pressure drops?

When air pressure drops temperature also drops. Thus on high mountains low air pressure is accompanied by low temperature. This is true for high atmosphere also.

When a person stands up to quicklyand his blood pressure drops?

whats the name when your blood pressure drops when standing up

What happens to the barometric pressure in a hail storm?

In most storms, which always includes hail storms, the barometric pressure drops. Which the pressure drops, that would allow clouds to form. The more it drops, the more intense the storm can get.

2003 silverado engine bogs when warm acts like itis losing power starving for for gas it is a 4.8?

Check fuel pressure when it's bogged down like that. If the pressure drops it could be the fuel filter or the fuel pump. Unfortunately, if it's the filter it won't necessarily drop in pressure until you're driving.

Why does a partially inflated balloon expand as it rises?

The pressure in the balloon stays the same, but the pressure outside drops as the altitude increases. And as the outside pressure drops, the balloon expands.

How does pressure change when you increase elevation?

Pressure drops as you go up.

98 mercury mystique that when started goes above 2000 rpm fine then drops off and dies Have replaced the MAF sensor no luck?

Connect a fuel pressure gauge to the injector fuel rail. Watch the fuel pressure when you start it. If the pressure drops off as the engine starts running bad, it's probably either the fuel pump or fuel filter.

What does it mean when the pressure drops in a tropical storm?

When the pressure drops in a tropical storm, or just about any type of storm, is usually means that it is getting stronger.

How does air pressure changes in tornado?

The air pressure drops sharply in a tornado

How is altitude and pressure related?

As you go higher in altitude, pressure drops and vice versa.

What happens to atmospheric pressure when a storm approaches?

Atmospheric pressure drops as a storm approaches.

What does the barometric pressure do during a snow storm?

it drops.

What is it called when your blood pressure drops?

This is called hypotension.

Does hemorrhage effect blood pressure?

It does.When one bleeds the volume of blood drops and, so does blood pressure.(It is like reducing the volume of air in a tyre.Tyre pressure drops).The heart compensates by pumping harder.

Do fish become active when pressure drops?

Pressure drop usually usually signals rain. Rain washes food into the water. Fish will often bite better when the pressure drops because they anticipate food.

When intrapulmonary pressure drops below atmospheric pressure what is able to occur?

Inspiration occurs when the intrapulmonary pressure decreases to below atmospheric pressure

Oil pressure drops raises?

Correct. The oil pressure does fluctuate throughout the RPM range.

How does air pressure change during a tornado?

Air pressure drops sharply inside a tornado.

Code for PO137 bank 1 sensor 2 where is this sensor located driver or passenger side on 04 dodge ram?

Sounds like a clooged filter or a weak fuel pump. Replace the Fuel Filter. Install a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail and check it under load. If the pressure drops even a little the fuel pump is bad.

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