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to screw to pieces of wood together>.<

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What is a simple function of a screw?

a screw is a fastening device

What is the function of a screwdriver?

The function of a screwdriver is to turn a screw into or out of materials.

What is the function of screw thread?

it is what allows the screw to grip into the material its being screwed into. a screw without a thread is a nail

What is the function of lead screw?

A lead screw is used to transfer circular motion into linear motion as the lead screw engages with a nut

What is the function of the adjusting screw in the Bourdon gauge?

The function of the adjusting screw in the Bourdon gauge is to be able to hold the plate securely. It allows you to make it loose or tighter.

What is the function of the screw in the sewing machine?

The screw holds the needle in place. When you want to change needles, you'll need to loosen the screw first.

What is the function of lead screw in lathe machine?

what is a leadscrew

What is the function of a screw?

Retaining or holding things together.

What is the function of an screw?

The screw is used to hold objects in place, without using anything two dangerous.

What is the function of Screw Driver Set?

Tightening or loosening screws.

What is the function of micrometer screw gauge?

to cheak the diameter of something

What is the function of anvil on micrometer screw gauge?

it helps in grappling the object with spindle

Function of screw lock in Bunsen burner?

The screw is to change between a luminous flame(orange) and non-luminous flame(blue). You should always screw the lock so that it covers the hole first.

What is the function of the needle clamp on the sewing machine?

The screw that tightens to hold the needle in place, and loosens when you want to change the needle.

What is the function of flat head screwdriver?

a flat head screwdriver is used to drive or to screw screws.

Why Drywall screw come loose?

the drywall screw didnt come loose the paper that the screw is holding to the wall is what came loose. a screws function is mostly in the head or flange of it. if the head goes throught the paper rather than just indenting the paper, then it ceases to hold anything and the drywall will go in and out around the screw heance the term " screw pop" .

What is the function of screwdriver?

The function of a screwdriver is it's use as a lever to twist or rotate a screw either clockwise or counterclockwise. This converts the rotational force to linear force.

What is the function of a lead screw in a lathe machine?

The lead screw moves the turret by a precise increment for every rotation of the screw. This allows the machine to generate threads in a workpiece, to generate precise length and diameter dimensions, and to maintain a constant rate of metal removal.

How can a screw change the size of the force needed to push it into the wood?

How much force is needed to push a screw/nail into the wood is a function of the size of the surface area of the part of the screw/nail that you are trying to put in. This idea is described in the pressure function which says P=F/A The wood has a certain resistivity to deform but with enough Force (applied with a hammer/screwdriver) over a small enough Area (the bottom of the screw/nail) the Pressure will be enough to drive it through. your mom

What is the function ratchet knob of micrometer screw gauge?

To ensure suitable amount of pressure is applied onto the object.

How do you tighten the ball on your lip ring?

You should be able to screw it tighter, if you cant the take it out after you find a lip ring that you can function

What is the function of thermostatic valve in screw compressor?

The thrmostate setvalue more then the fluid Temp its open oterwise minimum not open

What is the function of the balancing screw in a physical balance?

You zero the balance with it.

Is a leaf rake a screw?

There may be a screw holding the handle to the rake. However, it would be a stretch of the imagination to consider a rake as a screw.Perhaps the only similarity is that the rake may have a wedge-shaped fan at the bottom. And, screws function like wedges. But, here the analogy would stop short.

What are the degrees of freedom of a screw joint?

The screw joint has one degree of freedom. They supply only single-axis translation, commonly by use of a threaded shaft. You can also consider the single degree of freedom to be the rotation of the screw. The important thing is the rotation and the translation are related by a function (the pitch of the screw), so only one of them can be independent. That gives you one degree of freedom.

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