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According to Lange, Semi-metals are: boron, silicon, germanium, arsenic, antimony, tellurium, polonium and astatine. Although, polonium and astatine, according to some authors, are not semi-metals. Gallium is a metal (4. period, 13th (IIIa) group).

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Q: Gallium metal or semi-metal
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Is gold a semimetal?

No it is a metal. Not a semimetal. A semimeatal is in between metal and nonmetal.

Is Gallium a metal or a non metal?

Gallium is metal.

What does semimetal mean?

A semimetal has the properties of both a metal and a nonmetal. They are also called metalloids.

What type of metal is silicon?


Is titanium a semimetal?

No, titanium is a metal.

Is gallium a metal nonmetal?

Gallium is a metal. It is next to germanium, a semi-metal.

Is gallium a metalloid?

No, gallium is a metal.

Is gallium a nonmetal?

Gallium is a metal

Is gallium a metal nonmetal metaloid or a noble gas?

Gallium is a metal

Is calcium classified as a semimetal?

No. calcium is a metal.

Is plastic nonmetal metal or semimetal?


Is Gallium a metal nonmetal or a metalloid?

Gallium is a metal. It belongs to group 13

Is gallium a nonmetal metal or a metalloid?

Gallium is a metal. It belongs to group 13.

Is gallium a nonmetal a metal or a Metalloid?

Gallium is a metal. It belongs to group 13.

What what is the color of gallium?

Gallium is a silvery metal.

Which is a semimetal out of sodium silicon helium and sulfur?

sodium is a metal; silicon is a semimetal (metalloid); helium and sulfur are non metals

Is sodium a Metal or a Nonmetal or a Semimetal?

Sodium is a metal

Is Technetium a metal nonmetal or semimetal?

im not sure

What is Gallium?

Gallium (Ga) is a chemical element, a metal.

Is gallium a metal or nonmetal?

A metal.

Is silicon a metal nonmetal or semi metal?

Silicon is a semimetal.

Is gallium metal or non-metal?

It's a metal

What is the only metal that is in the liquid state room temperature?


Is gallium ductile?

Yes, gallium is ductile because it's metal.

A slogan for Gallium?

"Gallium. The Metal That Melts in Your Hand!" It will.