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Gametophyte and sporophyte?

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Gametophyte-haploid Sporophyte-diploid

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Is a rhizome a gametophyte or a sporophyte?


Is the frond a sporophyte or gametophyte?


Mosses are gametophyte or sporophyte?


Is antheridium gametophyte or sporophyte?

it is gametophyte!

Does sorus have gametophyte or sporophyte?


Why does the sporophyte of mosses remain attached to the gametophyte?

Because the sporophyte grows out of the gametophyte.

Which stage is the main stage of moss sporophyte or gametophyte?

Gametophyte is the main stage in moss and sporophyte is dependent on gametophyte.

How have the sporophyte and gametophyte changed as plants have evolved?

The gametophyte has become smaller, and the sporophyte has become larger. To begin with main plant body was gametophytic and sporophyte was dependent on it. Later on, as the evolution progressed, both gametophyte and sporophyte became independent and ultimatly gametophyte became dependent on sporophyte.

Is a christmas tree a sporophyte or gametophyte?


For which does the sporophyte generation grow out of the gametophyte and remain parasitic upon the gametophyte?

In moss, where the sporophyte grows directly out of the top of the gametophyte.

Compare the gametophyte and sporophyte of a fern?

the gametophyte is only a haploid while the sporophyte is only a dploid

Does gametophyte generation depends on sporophyte generation in ferns?

it does not depending on the sporophyte generation, in fact the sporophyte itself that depending on the gametophyte generation -kayo93-

In mosses why is the sporophyte stage dependent on the gametophyte stage?

in mosses why is the sporophyte stage dependent on the gametophyte stage

Is the gametophyte or sporophyte dominant in mosses?

Gametophyte is dominant in mosses.

Do the spores belong to the gametophyte or the sporophyte generation?


How does the sporophyte generation of a plant differ from the gametophyte generation?

The sporophyte generation carries its chromosomes as doubles. ... The spores then develop into the gametophyte generation. In most plants, the gametophyte is tiny compared to the sporophyte. As its name implies, the gametophyte generationproduces sex cells - sperm and eggs.

What is more dominant the gametophyte or sporophyte?

Angiosperms' and Gymnosperms' SPOROPHYTE generation is more dominant than it's GAMETOPHYTE generation.

What is female gametophyte?

Embryo sac is the female gametophyte of flowering plants. Situated in the flower. It is dependent on the sporophyte (what we call plant) for nutrition. here the gametophyte is reduced and sporophyte is dominant.In lower plants the female gametophyte is prominent and independent where it can photosynthesize. Usually it is called as a thallus. Here the sporophyte is reduced and the gametophyte is dominant.

How are the fern sporophyte and gametophyte stage the same?

In reference to the sporophyte and gametophyte, are the stages of the plant's life cycle thus being the same.

What is the dominant stage of the fern life cycle what is the relationship of the fern gametophyte and sporophyte?

in the life cycle of a fern, the dominant and recognizable stage is the diploid sporophyte. the the younger sporophyte grows from the gametophyte.

What is the difference between sporophyte and gametophyte?

Sporophytes reproduce with spores, while gametophytes reproduce sexuallyOf the two, it is the gametophyte is larger than the sporophyte.

What is true of all seed plants The gametophyte is dominant Seeds are enclosed in a vessel The gametophyte is free living The sporophyte is dominant?

The sporophyte is dominant.

During the life cycle of a plant gametophyte is to n as sporophyte is to?

Basically, plants have two stages in their life cycle, they can appear as a gametophyte or a sporophyte.

In which group of plants are both the sporophyte and gametophyte free- living?

Both the sporophyte and gametophyte are free-living and homomorphic, and belong to Cladophora.

Do eggs have gametophyte or sporophyte?

Egg being a gamete develops inside gametophyte

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