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in the 5th plan (1974-79)

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Is that mount Everest is belong to India?

no MtEverest does not belongs to India it belongs to Nepal

Does Andaman and Nicobar island belongs to India?

Yes it belongs to India because it moved near Myanmar due to the earthquake in Andhra pradesh.

Biggest mountain in India?

It belongs to Bob!

What Nationality does Ruskin Bond belongs to?


Which country Afzal guru belongs to?


Is Nepal belongs to India or china?


Which country do micromaxx belongs to?

india only

Mogli belongs to which jungle in India?

Pench National Park in Seoni, M.P., India.

Which part of India does Daniel jawahar belongs to?


Fastrack watches comapny belongs to which country?


Miley Cyrus belongs to which religion and do she likes India?

Miley Cyrus (formaly Destiny Hope Cyrus) belongs to the Christian, Catholic religion and it is unknown if she likes India or not. :) god

In utm coordinate zone India belongs to which zone?

In India there are 6 UTM zones 42,43,44,45,46,47

Bhangra a popular folk dance belongs to which state of India?

Bhangra, a popular folk dance, belongs to Punjab.

What country he belongs?

He belongs from the Islamic country PAKISTAN located in a middle east near India ,china and Afghanistan.

What contient is mumbai in?

Mumbai belongs to India which is in the continent of Asia.

HCL company belongs to which country?

India (hindustan/bharat)

Who is the best mobile company owner belongs to India?


What is the Akali movement in India?

This is a regional poltical party belongs to Punjab state of INDIA. Now they support NDA alliance in India.

Which company has the slogan Building India?

The slogan "Building India" belongs to a company called DLF, which is the largest real estate company in India.

India belongs which zone in stability testing of drug product?


War dance belongs to which state of India?

Punjab. Courtesy :

The Nicobar islands belongs to which country?

India controls the Nicobar Islands.

Who belongs to what caste in the caste system of India?

Brahmin (Kaptiyal/kabtiyal)

Was there any player who belongs to India in fifa world cup 2010?

no no no

Aquaguard belongs to which company?

Aquaguard belongs to Eureka Forbes. Aquaguard was the first domestic water purifier introduced by Eureka Forbes in India