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Geckos have many tiny pads on their feet that help them scale walls. This type of technology is used in products for humans too, such as types of adhesives.

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Q: Geckos and the ability of climbing walls?
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What is the difference between lizards and geckos?

What makes a gecko different than any other species of lizard on earth, is that a gecko is able to vocalize, for many purposes. From mating-danger, a gecko can make chirps, clicks, grunts, barks etc..

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Do all geckos have suction pads?

no the leopard gecko has none and is not very good at climbing.

What do geckos use as defence?

Geckos have the ability to vocalize as loose their tails as a defence of getting away.

Can leopard geckos climb walls?

Not glass, or anything smooth like most geckos can. Their feet are made for dry desert terrain.

What is a geckos defence?

geckos have the ability alter their color in a minor way under stress this would be considered a defense

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