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General comparison of Jupiter and Saturn?

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Jupiter is bigger and nearer; Saturn has rings. They both have many moons.

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what were the name of Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter is bigger than Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn both have rings.

Saturn is behind of Jupiter. Jupiter is the ruler of the Roman Gods. The Romans thought that since Saturn was behind of Jupiter they thought it was the father of Jupiter so they called it Saturn. The Roman God that is the father of Jupiter. PS: THIS IS NOT THE REAL ANSWER

Saturn and Jupiter are the two largest planets but Jupiter is bigger

Saturn and Jupiter both have rings.

Jupiter is orange and Saturn is yellow.

Saturn has a diameter of 120,034 km, and Jupiter has a diameter of 142,740 km Jupiter is bigger than Saturn. Saturn looks bigger because of its rings, but Jupiter is way bigger

By average diameter, Jupiter is 20.69% bigger than Saturn. By volume, Jupiter is 80% bigger than Saturn. (Since Saturn is much less dense compared to Jupiter, Jupiter is 234% "larger" by mass.)

Saturn is smaller than Jupiter.

Jupiter has 63 moons and Saturn has 60.

Jupiter has more moons than Saturn.

No, Jupiter is much larger than Saturn.

The critical difference between Jupiter and Saturn, is that Jupiter rotates anti-clockwise and Saturn rotates clockwise.

Smallest to largest - Pluto, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter.

Jupiter and Saturn. Or if you mean in general, planets.

How much bigger Jupiter is than Saturn depends on what characteristic your are comparing (radius, mass, etc.)Jupiter has a mass 3.340 times that of SaturnJupiter has a polar radius 1.230 time that of SaturnJupiter has an equatorial radius 1.1862 time that of Saturn.Jupiter has an estimated surface area 1.456 times that of SaturnJupirer has a volume 1.730 times that of Saturn.

Jupiter and Saturn are the two largest planets in the Solar System. Jupiter has a slightly larger diameter than Saturn, and is about 3 times the mass of Saturn.

Jupiter was the son of Saturn. They didn't interact much after Saturn was overthrown by Jupiter, as Jupiter either had him castrated or cut into many pieces and thrown into Tartarus.

Saturn has more rings than Jupiter.

None. Jupiter is larger than Saturn.

Jupiter has three, the main, halo, and the gossamer. Saturn has a lot.

At this moment Jupiter has 63 moons and moonlets Saturn has 60

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