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Geo Metro wont stay in gear after changing the clutch?


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When you put it in gear, does it pop out? What gears? If so, you probably have a bad transmission. It the clutch is slipping, you need to adjust the clutch cable.

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ur gear box or clutch has gone take it to ur local garage!!?

If the 1999 Chevrolet Metro will not shift automatically there may be a problem with the transmission solenoid. The solenoid tells when the transmission when to shift, and when it is malfunctioning will cause a vehicle to stay stuck in a certain gear.

The temperature will keep the 1986 ford tempo automatice transmission to stay in first gear because this car was design for the cold. Changing the gear to early and a cold temperature could ruin the car.

Jumping out of gear in a manual transmission is usually a sign of a worn detent in the internal shift linkage under the shift cover. This usually requires a rebuild of the transmission.

if you had this same problum befor u installed the new clutch the trans is stuck betten gears if you can push the clutch in and the veh will roll andyou cant shift it you just mite have put the clutch back word now till me dose you clutch peddle stay on the floor when you push it in?

I had this problem. For me the pressure plate was sticking and broke the linkage. Take it to the dealer for replacement.

It could just be a detent, but most likely the bearings are going in the transmission and it's a little mis-aligned when you try to go, pushing it out of gear.

If you "rest" your foot on clutch pedal it will burn (riding clutch) Either keep clutch pedal competely to the floor or keep completely released no in between If you drive the car, you are burning out the clutch. If you don't fully shift into gear you will burn it out too which is easy since the clutch may stay engaged and not let you shift. If you give it gas or lose speed when you finally do shift you've worn your clutch. Do this a few times at high speed and its over. This is what happened to me and it happened fairly quickly on the highway. Ride at the wrong speed in any gear you will burn the 'clutch'. So that means you can't downshift to 2nd gear if you are going 60mph. If you read the list of situations where your engine and transmission can be totally ruined within 5 minutes you will wonder why people even bother. Many manual transmission drivers on the internet are unaware of these situations so be wary of advice from a friend even if he can drive manual transmission. Do yourself the favor and get professional instruction - that's what I'm going to do.

step on the clutch and hold it to the floor clutch should stay disengaged for as long as you hold it down

if u are in a high gear no shift down because if u stay in the same high gear u will loose rpm as the car skids sideways causing a shorter drift.

fifth gear and the related components need to be replaced

I am having the same problem, If you let it go you will chew through you clutch quick, that little grind does a lot of damage to the clutch plate i have replaced the clutch after i ran mine to long and also the master and slave cylinder with new parts it did not fix the problem the only thing i can see what is left for me is the shifter linkage. Until you find the problem try and stay out of 5th gear. if you have to go into 5th gear i have found that if you shift into neutral keep the clutch in until the RPM's are just over 1000 and you drop below 40mph then shift it will not grind. its a pain but that little grind once again does alot of damage. I found out the hard way.

Direct - No. Indirect - probably. Stay safe. Direct - No. Indirect - probably. Stay safe.

El metro, or very specifically: paso subterráneo

shift soloinoid no. 2 or 3 would be stuffed it will sost about 200 to 300 ausi dollars to fix it

For the brake it's pretty obvious. You don't want the brake to stay on when you aren't braking, so you need the spring to push it back. For the clutch it's the same but in reverse. You want the clutch to stay on, except for when you're depressing the lever. The spring keeps the clutch on, until you use the lever to overcome the spring. Then when you release the lever the spring kicks in again, engaging the clutch.

how to engage comp.

It sounds like there is air in the clutch line somewhere. Bleed the clutch (if possible, some clutches are "self-bleeding" and need to be replaced entirely).

AnswerDoes it have a safety "kick stand" switch?It a wire grounding when you sit on it?Loose coil wire?Does it cut out no matter what position the throttle is in? In other words, will it stay alive if you pull in the clutch, keep the revs of the bike up, then click it into gear?If so, this might be a clutch issue, such as a grooved clutch basket not allowing the plates to separate enough. An easy fix, if you know your way around an engine. If not, I suggest taking it to the dealer. Otherwise, try the easy fixes first, play around with the barrel adjusters on your clutch lever and see if it goes away. If it's cold outside when this happens, try running a slightly thinner transmission oil to keep the clutch pack from sticking together.

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There is a retaining mechanism in the transmission, it has worn out.

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