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skiers,or skiing

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Q: Germany's southern plains are suitable for?
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When was Southern plains gray langur created?

Southern plains gray langur was created in 1843.

How did the dustbowl affect the southern plains?

The dustbowl affected the southern plains because they were an entirely jewish community and the germans dropped smoke grenades on every home in the southern plains.

Why are plains economically important?

They are suitable for agriculture

What is the collective noun for plains?

There is no specific collective noun for plains, in which case a noun suitable for the situation is used, for example a region of plains, a series of plains, a map of plains, etc.

Are gulf coastal plains and the southern coastal plains the same?


What biggest land feature of the Southern States in the what Plains?

piedmont plains

What is the significance of plains?

plains are low lands where the slope of the land is gradual and are suitable for agriculture ,settlement and transportation.

Why was whear a suitable crop to grow on the great plains?


What is germanys geography?

In the northern part of Germany are the North European Plains. The south of the plain is hilly and it also has the Rhine River. In the very south of Germany are The Alps.

What are the physical features in Southern Africa?

The plains

Where are the southern Europe's islands are formed by?


What is the phone number of the Southern Plains Indian Museum in Anadarko Oklahoma?

The phone number of the Southern Plains Indian Museum is: 405-247-6221.