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What type of plane does the president fly in?

The President of the USA, flies in a personal jet plane, just for him, known as "Air Force One"

Which prestident flies on the air force one?

The U.S. President. Any plane on which he is a passenger is Air Force One.

What is the name of the plane the president of US uses officially?

Air Force One is its name. It is actually more than one plane.

What is the official plane of US president?

Air Force One is the code name given to the plane the President uses for official business. It is actually more than one plane.- - - - -The plane the president usually uses is called a VC-25. It is a customized Boeing 747 that has everything from a desk to an emergency room in it. There are two of them.The name "Air Force One" means the plane the president is actually using at the time. He usually uses the VC-25, but if the president is going somewhere a 747 won't go, he will get a plane that can land where he's going, and THAT plane is Air Force One as long as the president is using it...so, if the president is going out into the Alaskan bush and the only plane that can possibly land there is a Cessna Caravan, for that trip Air Force One is a Cessna Caravan.The president also has a helicopter. It is operated by the US Marine Corps, so if he's on his heli he is on Marine One. The current helicopters are the only H-60 Blackhawks the Marine Corps owns.

Is air force 1 a plane?

Air Force 1 is not just a plane, also a pair of shoes. Nike released many diffenent kinds of Nike Air Force 1 shoes, and many shop are selling them. You can have a look about them. www.nikeairforceonelow.com. These shoes are so leisure and comfortable。 Many basketball fans are also nike air force 1 fans. Yes,it is the plane the president of the united states is on.Any plane in the world that the president is on.

What is Barack Obama's plane called?

Any plane that the current U. S. President is on is called Air Force One while he/she is aboard.

What is the name of President Barack Obama's plane?

The president has access to two planes. Which ever one he is on is called "Air Force One"

What is the name and type of the airplane that the US president uses?

The name of the US President's airplane is Air Force One. The current plane is a modified Boeing 747-200 designated by the Air Force as a VC-25A. Technically any plane is which the US President flies is temporarily designated Air Force One.

Who uses the air force One plane?

The call-sign of Air Force One is reserved for any Air Force vehicles currently holding the President of the United States.

What is the name of George Bush's plane now that he is no longer president as in when he is flown back to Texas?

Executive One. It was announced today after Obama's inauguration this is what the plane is called when a former president is aboard it. It is only Air Force One when the current President uses it.

Does President Obama's limousine travel with him aboard Air Force One?

At least one of the presidential limos goes with the President, but not aboard the same plane.

What force propels a jet plane?

The force of the jet engine propels a jet plane. The force of the engine pushes the exhaust gasses backward at great speed and the plane moves forward. This force propels the jet plane.

What president died in a plane crash?

Polish President Lech Kaczynski died in the crash of a Polish Air Force Tu-154 on April 10, 2010.

What is the presidents airplane called?

The plane that carries the President of the United States of America is always called Air Force One. ANY plane he transfers to adopts the name while the President is on board, while all other planes he had been on revert to their standard 'name' (such as a '747').

Who rides air force one?

Air Force One is any US Air Force Vehicle currently and publicly carrying the President of the United States. It is only called Air Force One when the president is on board. However, for security reasons, if the President does not want it to be public knowledge of his travels, the plane may be called something else.

What is the effort force of a inclined plane?

the force used to push the object up the plane.

What is the name of the president airplane he travel in?

The US President's plane is named "Air Force One" and the helicopter that is used by the president is name "Marine One" . The vice-president uses "Marine Two" .

What is the name of the presidential plane?

The plane used to transport the President is always called Air Force One, irrespective of which particular plane he's in. It is generally a Boeing 747-200 modified with special equipment such in-flight refueling. To be more technical, it is Air Force One if he is on an Air Force Plane, Marine One when he is on the helicopter, or Navy One if he is on a Navy plane. The "one" gives the aircraft priority in aviation hierarchy (the smaller the number, the higher the priority).

Did President Obama have the US flag removed from Airforce one tail?

No, this is a myth. When he was a candidate for president, he did have his own logo placed on the campaign plane; many candidates have a bus or a plane with their own name on it, and that included John McCain in 2008. But since the president was elected, he has used the official Air Force One plane, which does not have any candidate logo on it-- and does have the US flag.

An upward force on a plane is called?

'Lift' is an upward force on a plane. Upward force on a bird's wings is also called 'Lift'.

When you walk up an inclined plane your legs supply the effort force What is the resistance force?

the resistance force is the slope of the plane, or the hypotenuse.

Where can one find information about the November 14 1970 plane crash that killed the Marshall University football team?

Click on the 'Marshall University' link on this page to go to the website run by Marshall University that acts as a memorial to the victims of the plane crash.

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